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Report Rings Alarm Bells About Privacy on the Internet  07 February 2000 
Source: NY Times - Posted by Team   
This NY Times article discusses how most of the health-related web sites may be inadvertantly revealing personal visitor information through banner ads and third-party service providers. . . .
Security Goes Beyond Passwords  07 February 2000 
Source: The Dallas Morning News - Doug Bedell - Posted by Team   
An introduction to biometrics and e-commerce -- "Mindful that security methods may be hindering business and e-commerce, a new generation of technology companies is coming up with ways to confirm your identity by analyzing your retina, fingerprints, facial features and . . .
U.S. Justice Department Launches eBay Anti-Competition Probe  07 February 2000 
Source: E-Commerce Times - Posted by Team   
"The U.S. Justice Department is reportedly investigating online auctioneer eBay, Inc. to determine whether its efforts to block price comparison search software from probing its Web site are anti-competitive." . . .
Home Computer Users Need to be Wary of Hackers, Too  06 February 2000 
Source: FoxNews - Posted by Team   
"Concern about home security grew Thursday following disclosure that former CIA Director John Deutch stored sensitive national security secrets on a home computer connected to the Internet." All users need to be concerned with security, regardless of how well-connected . . .
CERT Advisory: Malicious HTML Tags  02 February 2000 
Source: CERT Advisory - Posted by Team   
Overview Provided by CERT - "A web site may inadvertently include malicious HTML tags or script in a dynamically generated page based on unvalidated input from . . .
Security gaps found in medical Web sites  01 February 2000 
Source: - Posted by Team   
WASHINGTON--Internet health sites are collecting and sharing with other companies detailed personal information about visitors, often without their knowledge and despite promises to protect privacy, according to a study released today. . . .
Cyber Safe or Gov't Surveillance?  01 February 2000 
Source: Wired - Posted by Team   
Wired news is reporting a story that Clinton's FIDNET proposal for "information systems protection" will serve to monitor networks for intrusions. The Electronic Privacy Information Center thinks this goes to far, and will result in unwarranted spying on Americans. . . .
Richard Stallman - Why We Must Fight UCITA  31 January 2000 
Source: Richard Stallman - Posted by Team   
UCITA is a proposed law, designed by the proprietary software developers, who are now asking all 50 states of the US to adopt it. If UCITA is adopted, it will threaten the free software community(1) with disaster. To understand why, . . .
Clinton Aides Urge Congress to Support Cybersecurity Bill  31 January 2000 
Source: FCW.COM - Posted by Team   
Recently it was announced that the US government is going to loosen the bonds that restrict the exportation of cryptographic products from the US. Although this is good news, it would seem that there is a flip side to . . .
IW: Gov't calls for national network to fight cybercrime  12 January 2000 
Source: InfoWorld - Posted by Team   
Attorney General Janet Reno appears to be creating a government computer emergency response team of sorts. . . .
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