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DSL subscribers see privacy disappear  15 March 2000 
Source: - Posted by Team   
This writes, "... not long after subscribing to SBC Communications' digital subscriber line (DSL) service, he found his wife's name, his home address and their computer's Web address all publicly listed online." . . .
Lawmakers Propose "Privacy Commission"  15 March 2000 
Source: --    - Posted by Team   
"Worried that the current barrage of legislation aimed at protecting consumer privacy may be dangerously under-coordinated, a pair of lawmakers plan Wednesday to unveil legislation that would create a commission to study the thorny issue. "Our concern is that . . .
Task Force Unveils E-business Security Guidelines  15 March 2000 
Source: --    - Posted by Team   
"A consortium of key Internet businesses has formed an industry task force aimed at spreading the gospel of e-business security -- particularly to medium-sized, Web-based companies -- in the wake of the recent denial of service attacks. The group . . .
U.S. and EU Reach Data Privacy Accord  14 March 2000 
Source: E-Commerce Times - Posted by Team   
Data protection negotiations between the U.S. and the European Union took a promising turn Tuesday when EU negotiator John Mogg announced that he will recommend the approval of a "safe harbor" agreement by EU institutions and member states. . . .
Washington urged to relax FCC rules on security  14 March 2000 
Source: Technology --    - Posted by Team   
"Washington is being lobbied to relax rules against corporate collusion in matters of computer security, following recent attacks on global Internet portals Yahoo! and eBay. US law enforcement agencies, government agencies, industry leaders and computer security player RSA Security, among . . .
Steal This Column!  14 March 2000 
Source: Computer Currents - Posted by Team   
Here's more on the intellectual property theme. "So how can you sell your intellectual property on the Web without getting ripped off? If you really do publish quality clip art, how do you show off your best stuff without . . .
Sex Site Billing Companies Targeted By Russian Cybercrime  14 March 2000 
Source: Kevin Poulsen --    - Posted by Team   
Kevin Poulsen of writes ...."Companies that specialize in handling billing for the adult web site industry are increasingly the targets of cybercrooks looking to turn purloined credit card numbers into cash. Executives point the finger at hi-tech crooks in . . .
In A Virtual World, Who Owns Ideas?  13 March 2000 
Source: Slashdot - Posted by Team   
This article by Jon Katz on Slashdot talks about copyright and intellectual property rights and how the Net has affected them. He states, "The structure of the Net, and of the Web in particular, is altering the way younger . . .
Fed Site to Fight Cybercrime  13 March 2000 
Source: Wired - Posted by Team   
Here's a short article on Wired that discusses They say, "The site is designed to provide information that can be useful "from the classroom to the courtroom," Assistant Attorney General James Robinson of the Criminal Division said . . .
On the Trail of a Hacker  13 March 2000 
Posted by Team   
This ABC News article talks about how the feds caught Coolio, the hacker accused of breaking into and other web sites. "Recently released court records explain how authorities traced the hacking attack on a popular anti-drug Web site . . .
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