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PHP-Nuke & Post-Nuke Account Hijacking  20 March 2002 
Source: Handle Nopman - Posted by Dave Wreski   
To exploit this vulnerability one must create an account into the target site, base64_decode his cookie,modify the username in the cookie to inject SQL,base64_encode his cookie and pass it with save=1 to article.php (which must be done throught modules.php). . .
PHP Audit Project  10 March 2002 
Source: PHP Audit Project - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Because PHP is a critical piece of the hosting service puzzle, the PHP audit project was started in order to harden the PHP interpreter against known and unknown vunlerabilities. We are also trying to add some enhancements for the OpenBSD operating . . .
The Myth of Open Source Security Revisited  04 March 2002 
Source: Earthweb - Posted by Pete O'Hara   
The author revisits a debate begun here recently on the nature of security in Open Source projects: do 'lots of eyeballs' insure secure code? It is a common misconception amongst users of Open Source software that it is a panacea when it comes to creating secure software.. . .
Open sourcers spice up security testing  18 February 2002 
Source: vnunet - Posted by Jen Olson   
A group of open source developers dedicated to introducing an industry standard on security testing will be releasing the fruits of their labours later this month. started working on the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM ) last year after becoming "sick of reading bland testing methodology descriptions".. . .
Site to pool scrutiny of Linux security  07 February 2002 
Source: CNET - Posted by Jen Olson   
A government-funded initiative announced Tuesday aims to boost code review of open-source software to prevent security holes. Funded by the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency, the same organization to initially bankroll the predecessor to the Internet, the Sardonix Audit Portal aims . . .
Peek-A-Booty to debut at grassroots P2P show  29 January 2002 
Source: TheRegister - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Cohen worked on MojoNation before quitting last April to concentrate on his BitTorrent project, and he's convening hackers in downtown San Francisco next month for a P2P/cypherpunk conference a world away from the usual corporate trappings. "[Other] Conferences cost a ridiculous amount of money, and hackers are treated like dirt," says Cohen.. . .
Darren Reed Releases OpenBSD 3.0 with IPfilter  22 January 2002 
Source: Darren Reed / Google Groups - Posted by Dave Wreski   
When Darren Reed, author of the packet filtering support for OpenBSD, modified the license terms for his software, support for ipfilter was removed from the main OpenBSD tree. Now, Darren has released his own version of OpenBSD 3.0 that includes support for his packet filtering. . . .
Debian, security, and you  17 January 2002 
Source: Debianhelp - Posted by Jen Olson   
An interesting bug was filed today by Florian Weimer. I'll quote the bug report in full: "Over the past few months, the GNU/Linux community has slowly adopted a way of dealing with security issues which closely resembles the approach suggested by . . .
akpop3d - small and secure POP3 daemon  13 January 2002 
Source: Andreas Krennmair - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Andreas Krennmair writes, "Because I found the design of Solar Designer's POP3 daemon popa3d somewhat obscure, I started writing my own POP3 daemon, called akpop3d. Now I want to ask the community to peer-review this program. Although I . . .
The OpenAntivirus Project  31 December 2001 
Source: OpenAntivirus - Posted by Jen Olson   
OpenAntiVirus is a platform for people seriously interested in anti-virus research, network security and computer security to communicate with each other, to develop solutions for various security problems, and to develop new security technologies. Moreover, OpenAntiVirus will also provide an integrative platform for different developing projects related to virus protection and computer security already existing within the Open Source Community.. . .
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