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SubDomain - Security Software for Linux  26 April 2000 
Source:    - Posted by Team   
There have been a number of recent announcements regarding new security software and enhancements for Linux. SGI has started releasing their patches that will hopefully bring Linux "C2" and "B1" security ratings, as set out by the DoD Orange book . . .
SecureNet PRO v3.0 Network Intrusion Detection Platform for Linux  25 April 2000 
Source: Posted by: Benjamin D. Thomas - Posted by Team   
Salem, VA, April 24, 2000---MimeStar, Inc. announced today that its network intrusion detection & monitoring platform known as SecureNet PRO is now commercially available for the Linux operating system. SecureNet PRO is an enterprise-scalable network monitoring and intrusion detection . . .
Technology Spotlight: Magic Software Enterprises  10 April 2000 
Source: E-Commerce Times - Posted by Team   
E-Commerce Times interviews Magic Software Enterprises. Magic Software Enterprises is one of an increasing number of high-tech firms that are moving a portion of their business and product line to the Linux open-source platform. Magic Software Enterprises Vice . . .
Intel To Offer Open Source Security Software  10 April 2000 
Source: - Posted by Team   
Intel Corp. [NASDAQ:INTC] will reportedly announce today plans to offer free downloads of "open source" advanced security software in a move conceived to bolster both its support for the free Linux operating system and its efforts to upgrade secure e-commerce . . .
Intel getting inside open source  10 April 2000 
Source: ZD Net --    -- - Posted by Team   
The Santa Clara, Calif., chipmaker has been working to join the ranks of the top-tier open-source advocates and play a role in the ongoing evolution of the Linux operating system alongside the likes of IBM Corp. and SGI. And, on . . .
Axent & Cobalt Release Linux IDS  04 April 2000 
Source: Axent - Posted by Team   
"AXENT Technologies, Inc., one of the world's leading e-security solutions provider for e-business, announced today its intent to extend its relationship with Cobalt Networks, Inc. to deliver the first Linux®-based intrusion detection system (IDS) appliance. Based on AXENT's state-of-the-art network-based . . .
Axent Migrates E-Security Solutions to Linux  04 April 2000 
Source: Axent - Posted by Team   
AXENT® plans to migrate appropriate award-winning e-security solutions to the Red Hat Linux platform. In addition, AXENT gains access to Red Hat's comprehensive Linux development database, leading-edge developer support and partnership opportunities to target a highly energized and rapidly . . .
The open-source pretenders?  30 March 2000 
Source: ZD Net News --    - Posted by Team   
The issue is more than one of semantics. If open source is to develop as a mainstay of computing, supporters say, users must have faith that products entered into the open-source community meet commonly accepted criteria. "The open . . .
PentaSafe Announces Security Solution for Linux  28 March 2000 
Source: --    - Posted by Team   
PentaSafe Security Technologies, Inc., a leading developer of enterprise IT auditing and security software, today announced a Linux strategy and the future release of the PentaSafe VigilEnt Security Agent for Linux. PentaSafe has also joined the Independent Software Vendor Partner . . .
Covalent Technologies to Export Strong Encryption Software  28 March 2000 
Source: LinuxPR --    - Posted by Team   
"Covalent Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of Apache Web server e-commerce solutions, announced today that it will begin exporting its 128-bit Raven™ SSL strong encryption software product outside the US and Canada for the first time ever. Covalent estimates that . . .
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