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Behind messaging vendors' battles, real security issues loom  02 August 2000 
Source: ITWorld - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Last week a number of companies banded together to present an open, interoperable alternative to America Online's Instant Messenger software offering. That move may prove to be a single salvo in a looming battle over a possibly pivotal application type. . . .
Caldera Launches OpenLearning - Linux Education Programs and Courseware  31 July 2000 
Source: NewsAlert - Posted by Chris Parker   
Caldera Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CALD), Monday launched its Linux education programs and courseware - Caldera OpenLearning(TM). OpenLearning is a series of comprehensive education programs that include instructor-led training and multimedia courseware targeting eSolutions Providers (eSPs). eSPs are VARs, ISPs, ASPs, . . .
LinuxSolve Inc. Launches vHost, Industry's First Secure Linux-based Virtual Web-Hosting Solution for  31 July 2000 
Source: NewsAlert - Posted by Chris Parker   
LinuxSolve(TM), Inc., the leading developer of secure server appliances for Internet infrastructure, announced today that it is shipping the vHost(TM) secure server appliance, the industry's first secure Linux-based virtual hosting solution. Capable of hosting as many as 200 web sites, the . . .
Intel preps open-source security framework  30 July 2000 
Source: - Posted by Chris Parker   
Intel Corp. on Friday announced here that late next month it will make available an open-source Linux version of its Common Data Security Architecture (CDSA), a software infrastructure for security services.
Lucent Security Management Server 5.0 Gets a Face-Lift  30 July 2000 
Source: Network Computing - Posted by Chris Parker   
Lucent Technologies' Lucent Security Management Server (LSMS) offers a robust management server for the company's VPN Firewall Brick security device. Now LSMS version 5.0 brings client download features and automated client update notices. VPN (virtual private network) clients, however, still need . . .
Symantec moves into high-end security with Axent buy  28 July 2000 
Source: ZDNet - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Computer security provider Symantec Corp. said on Thursday it would acquire Axent Technologies Inc. in a stock swap worth $975 million, accelerating its move into the market for large business system security. . . .
Dr. Gary Gordon to Head WetStone Cyber Forensics Technology Division  26 July 2000 
Source: WetStone Technologies - Posted by Dave Wreski   
WetStoneTech, creators of several security products for Linux, submitted the following. "Gary will direct all Cyber Forensic and Economic Crime efforts at WetStone. "Our current efforts in assisting law enforcement personnel, the U.S. goverment, and the private sector in the areas . . .
Linux Distribution Security Report  25 July 2000 
Source: Kurt Seifried - Posted by Chris Parker   
How are the various Linux distributions doing in terms of general security? In this article, a few observations on the results of a quasi-statistical analysis of the security fixes issued by Linux distributions are made. Also, looked at in this article . . .
Performance Comparison and Tuning  25 July 2000 
Source: Thomas Graichen - Posted by Chris Parker   
This article contains a series of slides which were presented at LinuxTag 2000. It compares the performance of FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Linux and Solaris. Also, it offers ideas on performance tuning for these operating systems.
New Security Audits Radically Reduce Cost of Securing Your Website  24 July 2000 
Source: LinuxPR - Posted by Dave Wreski, http://www.SecuritySpace.Com, a leading security portal, today launched the Desktop Security Audit, a new tool that will radically reduce the cost of finding and fixing website and PC-based security holes. Built on an ASP model, the Desktop Security Audit is an . . .
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