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Sendmail 8.11.0 Beta Release Includes TLS  10 May 2000 
Source: - Posted by Team   
"... Transport Layer Security (TLS) is now in open source sendmail. As the official announcement explains, "Ever since the easing of crypto export regulations in the United States, we have been working on releasing the STARTTLS and SMTP Authentication Security . . .
The trouble with redirects  09 May 2000 
Source: Linux Weekly News - Posted by Team   
LWN has written up an article describing the "redirect" security difficulty found by the folks at Digital Creations while tracking down a security problem with the Zope application server. "Given the way the web and authentication-based sites work, a suitably . . .
A Complete, Secure User Login System  09 May 2000 
Source: PHPBuilder [LinuxToday] - Posted by Team   
Tim Perdue writes about a new PHP library he's written. "When I started seeing spam messages posted to the new column annotation system, I knew I would have to create some sort of user authentication system that helps weed out . . .
Webserver Security (Part II)  09 May 2000 
Source: DevShed -- Submitted by Randy Cosby - Posted by Team   
This second part of our two-part series on webserver security explores the problem of keeping private data in publicly accessible areas of you server and keeping data from untrustworthy sources from entering your system. Covers Apache, FTP server, PHP and . . .
Cheap PC Hacker Strikes Again  02 May 2000 
Source: Wired - Posted by Team   
Internet appliance-hacker Ken Segler has struck again. The Las Vegas engineer -- who created a cult hit when he discovered that a cable tweak would transform the $99 I-Opener Internet appliance into a fully operational PC -- has found . . .
Expert warns of powerful new hacker tool  02 May 2000 
Source: - Posted by Team   
A potent new software tool has emerged for launching attacks similar to, but more lethal than, the ones that took down Yahoo and other major Web sites in February. The new tool, called "Mstream," joins Trinoo, TFN2K, Stacheldraht, Shaft . . .
Cybernet Announces Linux-based VPN Software  01 May 2000 
Source: WideOpen - Posted by Team   
Ann Arbor, Mich.-based Cybernet Systems today announced its Linux-based NetMAX VPN Server Suite, a software package designed to set up a virtual private network. The VPN Server Suite, scheduled for a June release, includes a graphical user interface for simpler, . . .
Cybernet To Offer First Low-Cost Linux VPN Software  30 April 2000 
Source: - Posted by Team   
Cybernet Systems Corporation today announced its plan to introduce the industry's first low-cost Linux-based software for creating a Virtual Private Network (VPN). The new NetMAX VPN Server Suite is expected to be the first product to bring secure VPN Internet . . .
Implementing Access Control Lists using Linux  26 April 2000 
Source: Page Maintained by Andreas Gr├╝nbacher - Posted by Team   
Here's information on implementing ACLs using Linux. Access Control Lists (ACLs) support more fine-grained permissions. Arbitrary users and groups can be granted or denied access in addition to the three traditional classes of users. ... The main advantage of . . .
Report from RSA Security Europe Conference  25 April 2000 
Source: ApacheWeek - Posted by Team   
"Apache Week visited the RSA Security conference in Munich last week to see the latest trends in cryptography and how they affect Apache users. ... Over the last year there have been a number of changes that affect users wishing . . .
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