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Securing Apache for AllCommerce  29 June 2000 
Source: OpenSales - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Tips on securing apache for use with virtual hosts. "There is no best way to do this except to be paranoid about every detail, pay attention to security alerts and trust no one. Fortunately, Apache has some recommendations. Here is how . . .
Securing Your Web Pages with Apache  29 June 2000 
Source: ApacheToday - Posted by Chris Pallack   
This article discusses the various security mechanisms for apache. "... But what's all this noise about 'discretionary' and 'mandatory,' you ask? Put simply, discretionary control (DAC) mechanisms check the validity of the credentials given them at the discretion of the . . .
WireX Announces the Release of Immunix OS 6.2 and StackGuard 2.0  22 June 2000 
Source: WireX - Posted by Pete O'Hara   
"Immunix" is a family of tools designed to enhance system integrity by hardening system components and platforms against security attacks. The Immunix OS is a Linux platform hardened with the Immunix tool set. Immunix works by hardening existing software . . .
BIND 8.2.x Overflow Vulnerability  16 June 2000 
Source: CIAC - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Here is an information bulletin that was issues by CIAC last Tuesday. It covers a BIND buffer overflow that exists in 8.2, 8.2.1 and 8.2.2. Here CIAC explains how the exploit works, "The exploit requires two systems to be . . .
The Soothingly Seamless Setup of Apache, SSL, MySQL, and PHP  09 June 2000 
Source: DevShed - Posted by Team   
This article discusses the use of mod_ssl, OpenSSL, RSARef, MySQL and PHP to develop a secure web server. "Our objective is to install a web server that will allow us to host sites, that would be secure for e-commerce . . .
Building an E-Commerce Site Part 3: Catalogs and Shopping Carts  09 June 2000 
Source: DevShed - Posted by Team   
In this installment, we add scripts to let the user browse our product catalog and we let them order our products. After completing this installment, you will have experience navigating the product catalog, viewing product details, managing the shopping cart, . . .
Linux Kernel Security Bug Discovered  08 June 2000 
Source: --   - Posted by Team   
A serious bug has been discovered in the Linux kernel that can be used by local users to gain root access. The problem, a vulnerability in the Linux kernel capability model, exists in kernel versions up to and including version 2.2.15. According to Alan Cox, a key member of the Linux developer community, "It will affect programs that drop setuid state and rely on losing saved setuid, even those that check that the setuid call succeeded."

To ensure that this vulnerability cannot be exploited by programs running on Linux, Linux users are advised to update to kernel version 2.2.16 immediately. Information on "capabilities" are discussed in the Capabilities FAQ We also recently ran a story on a capabilities-based operating system that is worth reading.

BSD Based Operating Systems: IPCS Vulnerability  08 June 2000 
Source: CIAC   -- - Posted by Team   
This advisory is for all 386BSD-derived OSes, including all versions of FreeBSD, NetBSD and OpenBSD. "An unprivileged local user can cause every process on the system to hang during exiting. In other words, after the system call is issued, no . . .
Security scare as outsiders get access to NetBSD software password  07 June 2000 
Source: Fairfax IT - Posted by Team   
Developers of the NetBSD open source operating system say a recent security breach did not compromise the software's source code. NetBSD developer and project spokesman Charles Hannum has confirmed that a key developer's password was "discovered" by outsiders.
Hardening Linux Machines For Web Services  06 June 2000 
Source: themestream [LinuxToday] - Posted by Team   
This is a introductory article on securing your Linux server. It starts with physical security then briefly discusses network security. "Your objective is to add as many rings or layers as possible, making the potential cracker take more . . .
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