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Help & How-To: Two SuSE Linux Apache Vulnerabilities Identified  08 September 2000 
Source: ZDNet - Posted by Ryan W. Maple   
One vulnerability allows a malicious user to read passwords and discern network structure while the other allows a malicious user to create or browse file directories on a Web server. Both vulnerabilities provide a malicious user with access to sensitive data . . .
Nasty Denial-Of-Service Tool On Network Hosts  07 September 2000 
Source: Computer User - Posted by Jen Olson   
A computer-security company is warning network administrators to watch out for new rogue software capable of playing the role of foot soldier in denial-of-service attacks against Internet servers. X-Force, the research-and-development arm of Atlanta-based Internet Security Systems Inc., reported Tuesday that . . .
Using Postfix: A basic guide on configuring and installing  06 September 2000 
Source: BSDToday - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
If it's speed and security you're looking for, Postfix is a very nominal choice for a MTA. The MTA uses multiple layers of defense to protect the local system against intruders, as well as having the ability to run in a chroot jail. . . .
How to perform a secure remote backup  04 September 2000 
Source: SunWorld - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
What do you do when your site is attacked or your system fails? Backup, Avi Rubin argues, is the most reliable way to ensure that what you've lost can be recovered. Here he takes a look at protecting your backup and recommends some products that can help. . . .
Computer glitches: More stressful than being ditched  25 August 2000 
Source: CNN - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
More workers feel stressed out by computers than those driven to distraction by traffic jams, queuing, and the in-laws -- and some find them even more stress-inducing than the end of a relationship, according to a survey. . . .
Securing Linux Mandrake  21 August 2000 
Source: RootPrompt - Posted by Chris Parker   
As Linux Mandrake works it's way away from it's Red Hat roots, they've added a number of features "out of the box" that make it easier to use as a server. However, there are still a number of things that I . . .
CERT® Advisory CA-2000-17 Input Validation Problem in rpc.statd  19 August 2000 
Source: - Posted by Chris Pallack   
The CERT/CC has begun receiving reports of an input validation vulnerability in the rpc.statd program being exploited. This program is included, and often installed by default, in several popular Linux distributions. Please see Appendix A of this document for specific information . . .
E-Security Firm Sets Sights on Hackers  01 August 2000 
Source: AntiOnline - Posted by Chris Parker   
The Internet may feel like a place where you roam anonymously and privately, but with every foray onto the Internet, your PC actively exchanges information with other computers. So just how private and secure are these communications?
250 Linux servers infected by denial-of-service program  01 August 2000 
Source: Korea Herald [LinuxToday] - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Some 250 Linux servers were found to have been infected with a hacking program used in denial of service (DOS) attacks, raising serious security concerns with the popular open source code servers. The Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) said yesterday . . .
Apache Guide: Apache Authentication, Part II  31 July 2000 
Source: Apache Today - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
There are basically three reasons to use a database, rather than a text file, to store data. The first reason is speed. Accessing data stored in a database is much faster than accessing data stored in a text file. A database is designed for rapid location of information. A text file, you have to read through each record until you find what you are looking for.. . .
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