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Hacking RPG debuts at Black Hat conference  27 July 2012 
Source: GMA Network - Posted by Dave Wreski   
A role-playing game on hacking has debuted at the ongoing Black Hat hackers' conference in Las Vegas —but it's not the high-tech video game many might imagine.
Black Hat - SexyDefense, maximizing the home-field advantage  26 July 2012 
Source: Sophos - Posted by Anthony Pell   
I’'m attending the BlackHat this year, and one of the most interesting and controversial talks so far was "SexyDefense - Maximizing the home-field advantage" by Iftach Ian Amit.
From Black Hat: Hackers Demonstrate a Rising Vulnerability of Smartphones  26 July 2012 
Source: NY Times - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Hackers can steal photos, text messages, surf the Web and even make phone calls from your smartphone simply with the wave of a hand, researchers at the annual Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas said Wednesday.
Android, Nokia smartphone security toppled by Near Field Communication hack  25 July 2012 
Source: arsTechnica - Posted by Dave Wreski   
A new technology being added to smartphones running the Google Android and Linux-based MeeGo operating systems makes it trivial for hackers to electronically hijack handsets that are in close proximity, a researcher appearing at the Black Hat security conference said.
Apple Warms Up to Hackers, Plans Presentation at Black Hat  25 July 2012 
Source: Bloomberg - Posted by Dave Wreski   
In the 15 years that computer hackers have gathered in Las Vegas for the Black Hat conference, an event where unknowns can become stars and tech heavyweights are skewered for security failures, one company has been noticeably absent: Apple.
Hackers and internet security go head-to-head  24 July 2012 
Source: My Broadband - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Rival factions from the Internet security world will mix warily this week at a pair of Las Vegas conferences gathering computer security experts and software savants who make sport of hacking them.
Nominations are in for the "Security Oscars"  23 July 2012 
Source: H Security - Posted by Dave Wreski   
The Pwnie Awards are intended to be the Oscars of the security community. The show has opened with the nomination of the candidates; the winners will be announced on Wednesday 25 July. Similar to Hollywood, this community also has bright stars who sometimes use dubious methods to try and improve their chances of winning a trophy – but it also has its losers who must endure mockery and ridicule in the run-up to the event.
Ten must-see Black Hat 2012 sessions  19 July 2012 
Source: Tech Target - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Some editors have posted their thoughts on what they think will be the hot topics of Black Hat 2012, but I'm going to respectfully disagree with them this round, and I'll walk alongside Robert Frost on his road not taken.
How banks fight hackers and fraudsters  05 July 2012 
Source: Sydney Morning Herald - Posted by Dave Wreski   
t was 3am when 21-year-old Sydney secretary Rhiannon Moore got the SMS from Westpac. Her debit card had been blocked after the bank saw it had been used to buy porn and air tickets to Malaysia.
DefCon: 20 Years of Hackers, Hijinks and Snooping Feds  22 June 2012 
Source: Wired - Posted by Dave Wreski   
In 1992, Jeff Moss (third from left in second row) invited a bunch of hacker friends to come to Las Vegas to party in the desert. Now in its 20th year, the DefCon hacker conference draws more than 7,000 hackers, security pros and undercover feds each year.
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