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Security alliance chock-full of holes  01 February 2001 
Source: ZDNet / eWeek - Posted by Nick DeClario   
On the surface, IT-ISAC sounds wonderful, but there's something wrong with this picture. Each of these companies might provide a general idea as to the kinds of attacks that it is receiving. But no company in its right mind will contribute . . .
EPIC, Privacy International join forces in  17 January 2001 
Source: ComputerUser - Posted by Dave Wreski   
The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) has teamed up with Privacy International in relaunching a Web site that aims to become the clearinghouse for all privacy-related news worldwide. The new site,, hosts links to hundreds of news . . .
Cybersecurity Goes Cooperative  16 January 2001 
Source: Wired - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Nineteen leading tech firms have created an information-sharing conglomerate aimed at countering the growing number of electronic attacks on U.S. companies. The information technology sector on Tuesday became the third area of the economy to create its own "Information Sharing and . . .
The Security Summit Gang  09 January 2001 
Source: Marcus Ranum - Posted by Dave Wreski   
These are portraits Marcus Ranum took at the first ever computer security summit, held at Bill Cheswick's house in the summer of 1998, I believe. Ever wonder what Dan Farmer or Wietse Venema look like? Marcus adds, "Due to unfortunate lack . . .
Survey: CIOs not worried about security  04 January 2001 
Source: ComputerWorld - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Although U.S. companies lose billions of dollars every year as a result of cybercrimes committed by internal and external hackers, more than 90% of CIOs polled in a recent survey said they have confidence in their company's network security. According to . . .
CERT warns of looming DDoS attacks  01 December 2000 
Source: Fairfax IT - Posted by Dave Wreski   
In its clearest signal yet that it may be bracing for a massive attack, computer network security group CERT issued an advisory today asking system administrators to prepare systems to block denial of service attacks. The advisory, titled DenialofService Vulnerabilities in . . .
CERT: Denial-of-Service Vulnerabilities in TCP/IP Stacks  30 November 2000 
Source: CERT - Posted by Dave Wreski   
A variety of denial-of-service vulnerabilities has been explored and documented by BindView's RAZOR Security Team. These vulnerabilities allow attackers to consume limited resources on victim machines. BindView's RAZOR Security Team has referred to these vulnerabilities as Naptha vulnerabilities. Denial-of-service attacks . . .
Honeynet Project's 'honey pot' a sweet success in trapping hacker attacks  27 November 2000 
Source: InfoWorld - Posted by Dave Wreski   
During just one month of monitoring, the Honeynet team's "honey pot," which poses as a real network to attract hackers, had been scanned by hundreds of unique IP addresses looking for two particular ports: UDP (User Datagram Protocol) port 137, used . . .
Real hackers go to Usenix  21 November 2000 
Source: SunWorld - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Tired of conferences not living up to your expectations? Then you haven't been to Usenix. In this month's Wizard's Guide to Security, Carole Fennelly reports that Usenix's recent security conference offered interesting and accessible talks -- and a who's who of . . .
Multiple Denial-of-Service Problems in ISC BIND  14 November 2000 
Source: CERT - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Several security vulnerabilities have been found in the latest version of BIND. CERT has now issued an advisory outlining those vulnerabilities and how to resolve them. "The CERT Coordination Center has recently learned of two serious denial-of-service vulnerabilities in the Internet . . .
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