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At Black Hat, ties seen tightening between hackers, legal officials  16 July 2001 
Source: Computer World - Posted by Pete O'Hara   
Hackers, computer security managers and law enforcement officials teamed up at this week's Black Hat Briefings conference to discuss their respective roles in securing the Internet and to urge attendees who engage in hacking activities to stay on the right side . . .
Hackers in Suits? Gadzooks!  15 July 2001 
Source: Wired - Posted by Dave Wreski   
For nine years, Defcon has been known as the world's most exuberant party for hackers and hacker hopefuls who gather in sin city for a rollicking good time. Conference organizers call it the "annual computer underground party for hackers," and Defcon . . .
Security showdown: Black Hat vs. Def Con  11 July 2001 
Source: ZDNet - Posted by Derrick Lewis   
Las Vegas plays host to two separate security conferences this week--one for people who guard computer systems, another for those who break into them. System administrators and hackers, CIOs and script kiddies will all gather in the desert to trade information, . . .
Hackers Convene Amid Signs Computer Security Is Eroding  10 July 2001 
Source: Newsfactor - Posted by Pete O'Hara   
Hacker conventions, such as those being held in Las Vegas this week, are no longer considered the sinister gatherings they once were. If the slot machines get a little screwy this week, casino detectives will have plenty of suspects. Thousands of computer hackers and security experts begin converging in Las Vegas Tuesday for the annual Black Hat Briefings and Def Con convention on computer security.. . .
IT directors not gambling on security  09 July 2001 
Source: ZDNet - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Despite high profile security breaches the issue is still not a priority for many, a survey finds Half of IT directors are willing to bet less than £1 that their IT systems are safe from hacker attack, according to a . . .
User group proposes OS security standards  06 July 2001 
Source: vnunet - Posted by Nick DeClario   
The Center for Internet Security (CIS), a coalition of internet user groups, yesterday released the first set of minimum security standards for operating systems. Starting off with specs for Solaris, the user group plans to introduce similar standards for Windows, as . . .
The Black Hat Briefings 2001 USA  25 June 2001 
Source: - Posted by Pete O'Hara   
The Black Hat Briefings is a conference for researchers, IT professionals and experienced security administrators. Every year, leaders in the security field are brought together to Black Hat to discuss the latest threats, trends, products, and influences in the Internet and . . .
ICANN To Gauge Privacy Concerns Over 'Whois' Database  13 June 2001 
Source: NewsBytes - Posted by Dave Wreski   
The organization charged with managing the worldwide Domain Name System (DNS) has launched a study to gauge privacy concerns raised by the plethora of personal information contained in the "Whois" database, a publicly searchable resource used to determine the identity of . . .
OpenBSD and ipfilter still fighting over license disagreement  07 June 2001 
Source: Newsforge - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Maintaining the openness of OpenBSD got a little more complicated recently when the project leader of what may be one of the most popular modules in OpenBSD decided to re-word his home-grown license to specifically disallow modifications to the source code . . .
OpenPGP Alliance omits PGP Security  31 May 2001 
Source: The Register - Posted by Jen Olson   
An organisation formed to promote compatibility between different implementations of OpenPGP standard does not include Network Associates, which is the main supplier of PGP-based encryption products for business. The OpenPGP Alliance, which was founded by PGP creator Phil Zimmermann, doesn't include . . .
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