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Intrusion Detection
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IPAudit: Monitor Network Activity  21 June 2000 
Source: Jon Rifkin - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Here is a tool recently released on Packetstorm. IPAUDIT listens to a network device in promiscuous mode, and records of every 'connection', each conversation between two ip addresses. A unique connection is determined by the ip addresses . . .
Network Intrusion Detection, An Analyst's Handbook  17 June 2000 
Source: - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Here is an interesting book review for "Network Intrusion Detection, An Analyst's Handbook" It gives chapter by chapter summaries throughout the book. "This book is far-and-away one of the more relevant and well-written books on security issues, and should be . . .
The Secrets of Snoop  15 June 2000 
Source: Lance Spitzner - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Lance writes, " Sniffers have exploded in popularity over the past several years, from Network Generals Netxray and Microsofts Network Monitor, to public domain tools such as Etherman and Curry Sniffer. These tools are used for various reasons, including network troubleshooting, . . .
Detecting Signs of Intrusion  14 June 2000 
Source: CERT - Posted by Chris Pallack   
Intruders are always looking for new ways to break into systems. They may attempt to breach your network's perimeter defenses from remote locations, or physically infiltrate your organization to gain direct access to its information resources. Intruders seek and take . . .
MimeStar Shoots Down Intruders  12 June 2000 
Source: LinuxMall - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Version 3.0.7 of MimeStar's SecureNet PRO Network Intrusion Detection and Monitoring suite has been unveiled, revealing an enterprise-scalable security platform with custom protocol decoding, real-time monitoring and unique intrusion response features.
Cracked! part 5: Rebuilding  12 June 2000 
Source: - Posted by Dave Wreski   
This is the fifth part of the story of a community network that was cracked and what was done to recover from it. By this point we have realized that we must get the cracker off of our machines before . . .
Who's Sniffing Your Network?  04 June 2000 
Source: - Posted by Team   
This article talks about a few of the sniffer tools that are available, and what can be done to detect their presence. "Sniffers represent a high level of risk because: they can capture passwords; they can capture confidential . . .
Cracked! Part 4: The Sniffer  01 June 2000 
Source: --   - Posted by Team   
Noel continues the story of when some Unix boxes that he helped admin were cracked. This article tells how they found the sniffer that the cracker was running on their network and what they did next. "We had thousands of . . .
Intrusion Detection on Linux  24 May 2000 
Source: SecurityFocus [Thanks to - Posted by Team   
This SecurityFocus article discusses configuring PortSentry, monitoring system logs, LogCheck and kernel security patches to improve the security of your Linux box. "This article focuses on several host-based intrusion detection systems that are available on Linux. In particular, I . . .
Know Your Enemy: A Forensic Analysis  23 May 2000 
Source: Security Focus - Posted by Team   
This paper, the fourth of the series, studies step by step a successful attack of a system. However, instead of focusing on the tools and tactics used, we will focus on how we learned what happened and pieced the information . . .
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