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Intrusion Detection
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The ABCs of IDSs (Intrusion Detection Systems)  14 November 2000 
Source: - Posted by Chris Pallack   
The basic function of an IDS is to record signs of intruders at work inside and to give alerts. Depending on the product, how it is deployed and its network configuration, an IDS may only scan for attacks coming from outside . . .
Watching the Watchers: Intrusion Detection  13 November 2000 
Source: Network Computing - Posted by Dave Wreski   
If you're one of the unfortunate souls who has been at ground zero during a high-impact security incident, you know the chaos that often ensues. When the big one hits, it can spawn teams of crazed administrators, flocks of delusional and . . .
Open Souce Tripwire Released  30 October 2000 
Source: Newsalert - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Tripwire, Inc., the leading provider of data and network integrity solutions, today announced the availability of its Open Source product for the Linux(R) operating system. "Tripwire Open Source, Linux Edition is a significant contribution of commercial-quality data and network integrity software . . .
Installing Snort 1.6.3 on SuSE 6.x-7.x  30 October 2000 
Source: LinuxNewbie - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Here's a quick startup guide for using snort. You might also be interested in the "Using Snort" guide. "Snort is a lightweight network intrusion detection system, capable of performing real-time traffic analysis and packet logging on . . .
Abnormal IP Packets  16 October 2000 
Source: - Posted by Ryan W. Maple   
This article is a very good introduction to the basics IP packets. "This article, a discussion of the characteristics of abnormal Internet Protocol (IP) packets, is the first in a series of tutorials that are intended to educate intrusion detection system . . .
Intrusion Detection Level Analysis of Nmap and Queso  31 August 2000 
Source: Security Focus - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
The purpose of this paper is to help Intrusion detection analysts and firewall administrators identify NMAP & QUESO scans. This paper will provide bit level analysis in detecting NMAP and QUESO scans. This type of analysis is vital for individuals who are performing firewall administration and need to understand more details relating to these scanners and the scans they perform.. . .
The Coroner's Toolkit  05 August 2000 
Source: RootPrompt - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Wietse Venema and Dan Farmer the authors of SATAN have written a package called The Coroner's Toolkit that is designed to help a System Administrator do forensic analysis on their cracked Unix box.
The Coroner's Toolkit  04 August 2000 
Source: - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
"I found this to be a very useful package of tools that gives you a good snapshot of the state of a compromised machine. While not being designed for a newbie it would still allow a less experienced Admin to collect the data so that someone with more experience could look at later. " . . .
Detecting network intrusions  02 August 2000 
Source: - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Detecting network intrusions is an important element of an enterprise security strategy. SecureNet Pro software is a new and sophisticated network intrusion detection system (NIDS) that combines 100 Mbps performance with key technologies to ensure attacks are recognized - and thwarted.. . .
The Coroner's Toolkit (TCT)  01 August 2000 
Source: Dan Farmer and Wietse Venema - Posted by Dave Wreski   
The creators of SATAN and other invaluable security tools over the years have create The Coroner's Toolkit. Wietse Venema states in his bugtraq post, "It is with great relief that we announce the first official release of the Coroner's Toolkit software, . . .
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