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Intrusion Detection
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Cybersecurity's Leaky Dikes  25 July 2002 
Source: BusinessWeek - Posted by Jen Olson   
As head of the National Infrastructure Protection Center's office in Pittsburgh, FBI supervisory agent Dan Larkin mans a sentinel post on the front lines of the war against cybercrime. Rather than M-16s, his soldiers tote powerful computers, which they use to unmask hackers who break into networks and steal valuable information. They also try to intercept so-called script kiddies, who launch damaging denial-of-service attacks that flood Web servers with bogus queries and freeze company online operations.. . .
Justifying the Expense of IDS, Part One: An Overview of ROIs for IDS  18 July 2002 
Source: Security Focus - Posted by Eric Lubow   
A positive return on investment (ROI) of intrusion detection systems (IDS) is dependent upon an organization's deployment strategy and how well the successful implementation and management of the technology helps the organization achieve the tactical and strategic objectives it has established. . .
Audit Your LAN Before the Bad Guys Do with nmap  18 July 2002 
Source: CrossNodes - Posted by Eric Lubow   
nmap is the most powerful, most flexible network exploration tool and security scanner. It's the tool of choice for auditing your network for vulnerabilities. Search for the same weaknesses intruders are looking for. nmap's slogan is "audit your network before the. . .
Thwart Attacks from Inside the Wire  17 July 2002 
Source: CrossNodes - Posted by Eric Lubow   
When security software vendor eEye had its Web site defaced, the company immediately suspected a "disgruntled employee." Most internal attackers, though, are stealthier. Intrusion detection methods that target internal users continue to emerge. Meanwhile, companies should also use a range of . . .
Intrusion Detection: Knowing when Someone is Knocking on your Door  15 July 2002 
Source: Linux Newbie - Posted by Eric Lubow   
Your network is being scanned for vulnerabilities. This may happen only once a month or twice a day, regardless, there are people out there probing your network and systems for weaknesses. I can say this with confidence because I have yet . . .
Security Wars: Can Intrusion Detection Even The Score?  15 July 2002 
Source: CrossNodes - Posted by Eric Lubow   
It's common knowledge that network attacks are growing more widespread, as well as more sophisticated, just about every day. Intrusion detection systems (IDS) continue to get more numerous, too, but are their capabilities keeping up? Experts point to lingering gaps in. . .
Use Snort for Lightweight Intrusion Detection  15 July 2002 
Source: CrossNodes - Posted by Eric Lubow   
Designed to fill the gap left by expensive, heavy-duty network intrusion detection systems, Snort is a free, cross-platform packet sniffer, logger, and intrusion detector for monitoring smaller TCP/IP networks. It runs on Linux/UNIX and Win32 systems. It takes mere minutes to . . .
Intrusion Detection: Implementation and Operational Issues  14 July 2002 
Source: CERT - Posted by Nick DeClario   
ID has been an active field of research for about two decades. One of the earliest papers in the field is James Anderson's Computer Security Threat Monitoring and Surveillance published in 1980. Dorothy Denning's seminal paper An Intrusion Detection Model, published in 1987, provided a methodological framework that inspired many researchers and laid the groundwork for commercial products. Despite substantial research and commercial investments, ID technology is immature, and its effectiveness is limited. . .
Crying Wolf: False Alarms Hide Attacks  11 July 2002 
Source: Network World Fusion - Posted by Eric Lubow   
One thing that can be said with certainty about network-based intrusion-detection systems is that they're guaranteed to detect and consume all your available bandwidth. Whether they also detect network intrusions is less of a sure thing. Those are the major conclusions . . .
Use Snort for Lightweight Intrusion Detection  09 July 2002 
Source: - Posted by Eric Lubow   
Designed to fill the gap left by expensive, heavy-duty network intrusion detection systems, Snort is a free, cross-platform packet sniffer, logger, and intrusion detector for monitoring smaller TCP/IP networks. It runs on Linux. . .
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