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Hacker-controlled tanks, planes and warships?  21 March 2000 
Source: FCW - Posted by Team   
Army officials are worried that sophisticated hackers and other cybercriminals, including military adversaries, may soon have the ability to hack their way into and take control of major military weapon systems such as tanks and ships. Speaking this month at . . .
Physical Security - Locking doors won't cut it.  20 March 2000 
Source: By:Illena Armstrong    - Posted by Team   
"The dominion frequently influenced by hackers and their unsavory, computer counterparts is the Internet. With all its related internal and external company networks, email systems, web sites and other online businesses, thieves and vandals have a cornucopia of interesting targets . . .
DoS Attack Shuts Down Brazilian Government Site  19 March 2000 
Source: ComputerCurrents - Posted by Team   
Media reports said that a Brazilian government Web site was brought down on Mar. 15 by unknown hackers. The hackers are said to have used denial-of-service techniques to effectively shut down the Web site of the Brazilian telecommunications regulatory agency. . . .
SAINT 2.0 released  16 March 2000 
Source: Found on LinuxToday - Posted by Team   
The latest version of SAINT has been released. "SAINT is the Security Administrator's Integrated Network Tool. In its simplest mode, it gathers as much information about remote hosts and networks as possible by examining such network services as finger, . . .
10 Steps to Prevent Internet Sabotage  16 March 2000 
Source: SF Gate --    - Posted by Team   
"What should a small business do to protect itself against Internet sabotage and possible hacker attacks on its computers? A: The California Society of Certified Public Accountants suggests several ways to protect against e-terrorism, random hackers and computer viruses. . . .
Task Force Unveils E-business Security Guidelines  16 March 2000 
Source: Computer Currents - Posted by Team   
A consortium of key Internet businesses has formed an industry task force aimed at spreading the gospel of e-business security -- particularly to medium-sized, Web-based companies -- in the wake of the recent denial of service attacks. . . .
Court Strikes Down Washington State's Anti-Spamming Law  15 March 2000 
Source: E-Commerce Times - Posted by Team   
In a ruling on Tuesday, a county Superior Court judge dealt a blow to Washington State consumers, as well as to the state's tough anti-spamming law, when he ruled that regulation of e-mail by the state was unconstitutional. . . .
Preventing Distributed Denial of Service Attacks  12 March 2000 
Source: O'Reilly Network - Posted by Team   
Terry Dawson, co-author of the Linux Network Administrator's Guide, takes a "Linux-focused look at denial of service attacks and what we can do as responsible Internet citizens to assist in preventing them." [Found on LinuxToday] . . .
Building a Robust Linux Security Solution  06 March 2000 
Source: Network Magazine -- Ramón Hontañón    - Posted by Team   
"Linux possesses a stable, robust, open-source kernel whose quality is subject to daily scrutiny by thousands of “power users? around the world. As with any other open-source system, once vulnerability is identified, it is typically published and verified within hours—with . . .
Biometrics -- the end of online fraud?  06 March 2000 
Source: ZDNet - Anne Chen    - Posted by Team   
Anne Chen of ZDNet writes..."In any given James Bond movie, 007 will be subject to an iris scan, a hand print scan or voice analysis by technology that secures and verifies his identity. All the cool gadgets, fictional or not,make . . .
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