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Fast Internet connections may bring security risks  21 February 2000 
Source: Nando Times - Posted by Team   
This Linux user with a DSL line was in for a suprise. "Just two weeks after Carey Bunks got a fast Internet connection in his home, he noticed that he wasn't the only one using his computer." . . .
New Tool Released: MD-Webscan  19 February 2000 
Source: Written by: - Posted by Team   
A small utility released to help administrators check for common CGI vulnerabilities. You can download it here. "This is a little utility I wrote because I got annoyed when Mixter was interviewed by the BBC and yet . . .
'Always On' Access Can Bring Insecurity  19 February 2000 
Source: - Michael Cheek    - Posted by Team   
Michael Cheek Writes..."Would you leave doors on your house unlocked when you leave it? Of course not! But it's not as if people don't do that from time to time anyway. And any look at cars parked along the . . .
The Cost of Security  17 February 2000 
Source: Internet Week - Rutrell Yasin - Posted by Team   
Here is an interesting article written by Rutrell Yasin that explains the fact that security takes time,money,and effort. "E-businesses are finding that security is costly. Not only are products expensive, but they can also slow response times and black out . . .
SANS Newsbites Feb17  17 February 2000 
Source: Dave Wreski - Posted by Team   
This week's SANS newsbites contains a technical review of the week's DDOS attacks, as well as a great article from Alan Paller, SANS Research Director, with the President and other security luminaries. SANS Research Director Alan Paller . . .
Breach exposes H&R Block customers' tax customers  16 February 2000 
Source: - Posted by Team   
This article writes, "H&R Block's online tax filing service exposed some customers' sensitive financial records to other customers last weekend, prompting the company to shut down the system yesterday afternoon, CNET has learned." . . .
Distributed Denial of Service  15 February 2000 
Source: Network Magazine - Rik Farrow - Posted by Team   
This is a well written and informative article on the DDoS attack. It is worth reading. Rik Farrow writes... "Network-based denial of service attacks became popular after the SYN floods that took down Web servers in 1996. Winnuke, . . .
Few have Downloaded FBI's Attack Detection Tools.  15 February 2000 
Source: - Bob Brewin - Posted by Team   
Bob Brewin writes .... "The National Infrastructure Protection Center anticipated the kind of massive denial-of-service attacks that crippled a number of commercial electronic commerce sites last week and offered a free software tool to help detect the software "demons or . . .
February version of SAFER  14 February 2000 
Source: Siamrelay - Posted by Team   
The latest edition of SAFER (Security Alert for Enterprise Resources) is now available. Although it's not Linux-specific, it has some great information in there about the month's security events. . . .
EU Moves on DoS Attacks  12 February 2000 
Source: Computer Currents - Posted by Team   
The European Union (EU) said that it is working closely with law enforcement and cybercrime operations in its various member countries, as well as collaborating with CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) officials in the US. . . .
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