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Oracle releases emergency Java update  14 January 2013 
Source: Chicago Tribune - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Oracle Corp. released an emergency update to its Java software for surfing the Web on Sunday, but security experts said the update fails to protect PCs from attack by hackers intent on committing cyber crimes.
2013: Installing Linux on Windows 8 PC is still a pain  31 December 2012 
Source: ZDNet Blogs - Posted by Dave Wreski   
In security's name, Microsoft has made it difficult to install Linux, or any other operating system, including older versions of Windows, on Windows 8 PCS. In addition, Microsoft has made it all but impossible to install Linux on Windows RT devices such as the Surface RT.
Linux (slowly) comes to Windows 8 PCs with UEFI secure boot  28 December 2012 
Source: ExtremeTech - Posted by Anthony Pell   
One of the largest underlying changes to Windows 8 is the long-overdue shift from BIOS to UEFI. UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) is superior to BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) in almost every way, except for one: At the moment, UEFI prevents Linux distributions from being installed on Windows 8 machines.
Protecting Your Ubuntu Desktop  23 October 2012 
Source: Datamation - Posted by Dave Wreski   
With all the talk recently about Ubuntu's use of Dash ad and the various new features offered, I find it interesting that security is virtually being ignored.
You might be surprised at which Web browser aced this security test  28 September 2012 
Source: Network World - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Microsoft IE9 blew away Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari in new tests by NSS Labs to measure the ability of web browsers to block malware and catch click fraud.
Brute-force attack on Oracle passwords feasible  21 September 2012 
Source: H Security - Posted by Dave Wreski   
A security researcher has provided details on vulnerabilities in the authentication protocol of Oracle's database that he originally discovered in 2010. The researcher, Esteban Martinez Fayó from security specialist AppSec, presented his findings and the methods by which they can be exploited at the ekoparty Security Conference; this is currently taking place in Buenos Aires.
Windows 8 the most secure operating system?  14 August 2012 
Source: ghacks - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Windows is seen by many as an insecure operating system, inferior security-wise to Linux and even Mac OS X. And while it certainly can seem that way, considering that most malware authors concentrate on Windows thanks to the operating system’s crushing market share, others have suggested that this impression comes more from the concentration on Windows than superior security of other operating systems.
Have Your Users' Passwords Already Been Hacked?  09 February 2012 
Source: Dark Reading - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Following the hack of the global intelligence firm Stratfor, hackers published the stolen password file containing the usernames and hashes for more than 860,000 accounts. An effort to use typical password breaking techniques on the file yielded quick results: About 1 in every 10 accounts had a trivial password.
Password security is broken, say experts  16 December 2011 
Source: v3 - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Identity fraud is one of the biggest threats to unwary web users today. It can come in a variety of forms but is often the result of an online account being hacked or details phished via social engineering.
Why Password Wisdom Is All Wrong  30 November 2011 
Source: Internet Evolution - Posted by Alex   
I don't like to keep people in suspense, so I'll start off with the surprise ending: Your password is not secure. Now that I've gotten your attention, we can talk about why that is (and what you can do to improve upon it).
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