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Linux Firewall On A 486: A Guard-Penguin For Your DSL Or Cable Modem Connection  04 April 2000 
Source: ZDNet - Posted by Team   
Everybody's talking about using Linux to turn an old486 into a router/firewall for a home or small office network. This article offers step-by-step instructions for setting up such a device using Open Source software from the Linux Router Project . . .
Interview with Rick Johnson of PMFirewall  31 March 2000 
Source: --    - Posted by Team   
"A few months ago when I was asked to design a firewalling strategy for a local consulting company, I proposed that I would use Linux to create a low cost firewalling solution. Everyone loved the idea from the . . .
Freshmeat: iptables  30 March 2000 
Source: Freshmeat --    - Posted by Team   
Iptables updated on freshmeat. "Iptables is built on top of netfilter: the new packet alteration framework for Linux 2.4. It is an enhancement on ipchains, and is used to control packet filtering, Network Address Translation (masquerading, portforwarding, transparent proxying), and . . . Delivers First Linux VPN-1/FireWall-1 Appliance  28 March 2000 
Source: NewsAlert --    - Posted by Team   
", Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of ODS Networks, Inc. (Nasdaq: ODSI) and a global provider of security management solutions, today announced the immediate availability of Linux support for its SecureCom(TM) 8000 family of Internet security appliances and chassis systems. . . .
Building an ATM Firewall with BSD  27 March 2000 
Source: Daemon News --    - Posted by Team   
"As a system administrator in a large academic institution, it is obvious to me that network security should be a high priority when planning a network strategy. However, it's not the system administrators that make the decisions and while most . . .
Designing Mason [firewall] Rulesets for Multiple Machines  27 March 2000 
Source: Robert S. Goldstein --    - Posted by Team   
"Earlier this month, Mason was introduced to you, giving you the ability to produce a packet filtering firewall. With the help of that article, you were able to begin securing your machine while allowing everyone who uses it to be . . .
Linux Firewall Appliance To Be Distributed In Japan  25 March 2000 
Source: --   - Posted by Team   
Progressive Systems, Inc., a leading provider of network security solutions, and KDD Network Systems Co., Ltd., one of Japan's largest technology distribution companies, today announced that the Progressive family of Linux-based firewall and VPN solutions will be made available to . . .
Cisco admits to serious PIX firewall flaw  23 March 2000 
Source: VNUnet --    - Posted by Team   
"Cisco last week admitted that two security vulnerabilities affecting its PIX firewalls could leave corporate networks open to attack. In an interim security notice, the vendor acknowledged the existence of two related vulnerabilities that both cause its Secure PIX . . .
Small Businesses Hold Huge Potential for Firewall Vendors  22 March 2000 
Source: IDC Research --    - Posted by Team   
I see firewalls as a good way to work Linux into the small business environment... "March 21, 2000 - Plenty of opportunity still exists in the firewall market, with small businesses holding the most promise. According to IDC, at the . . .
How will you spend your lunch hour?  13 March 2000 
Source: William Stearns -- --    - Posted by Team   
Here is a very well written article on building packet filtering firewalls... "How about building a packet filtering firewall? OK, there are more interesting things to do. Like, maybe, eating lunch. *smile* But we'll find time for that too. Grab . . .
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