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How to weed out the next Heartbleed bug: ENISA details crypto worries  24 November 2014 
Source: ZDNet Blogs - Posted by Dave Wreski   
The cryptographic protocols used to secure data moving across the web are putting users at risk due to design flaws that date back many years. Given the current push to encrypt everything in response to revelations of government surveillance, it's important that the protocols being used to do the job are actually secure.
Encrypt everything, urges Internet Architecture Board  18 November 2014 
Source: Network World - Posted by Dave Wreski   
The Internet Architecture Board (IAB) has issued a sweeping directive “for protocol designers, developers, and operators to make encryption the norm for Internet traffic ,” even while acknowledging that such an approach will create major obstacles for some network operations.
UK spy chief, parroting his US counterparts, calls for crypto backdoors  05 November 2014 
Source: arsTechnica - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Writing that "privacy has never been an absolute right," Robert Hannigan, the head of British spy agency GCHG, urged the US tech sector to assist the fight against terrorism and other crimes by opening up their proprietary networks to government authorities.
Hacker Lexicon: What Is Homomorphic Encryption?  03 November 2014 
Source: Wired - Posted by Dave Wreski   
The problem with encrypting data is that sooner or later, you have to decrypt it. Keep your cloud files cryptographically scrambled using a secret key that only you possess, and it’s likely no hacker will have the codebreaking resources necessary to crack them.
Disaster as CryptoWall encrypts US firm's entire server installation  24 October 2014 
Source: Network World - Posted by Alex   
"Here is a tale of ransomware that will make your blood run cold," announced Stu Sjouwerman of security training firm KnowBe4 in a company newsletter this week and he wasn't exaggerating.
iPhone Encryption and the Return of the Crypto Wars  22 October 2014 
Source: Schneier on Security - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Last week, Apple announced that it is closing a serious security vulnerability in the iPhone. It used to be that the phone's encryption only protected a small amount of the data, and Apple had the ability to bypass security on the rest of it.
Mobile Device Encryption Could Lead to a ‘Very, Very Dark Place’, FBI Director Says  20 October 2014 
Source: ThreatPost - Posted by Dave Wreski   
FBI Director James Comey said Thursday that the recent movement toward default encryption of smartphones and other devices could “lead us to a very, very dark place.” Echoing comments made by law enforcement officials for the last several decades, Comey said that the advanced cryptosystems available today threaten to cripple the ability of intelligence and law enforcement agencies to gather vital information on criminals.
What you need to know about the SSLv3 “POODLE” flaw  15 October 2014 
Source: Fedora Magazine - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Another security vulnerability is hitting the tech (and mainstream!) press, and we want to make Fedora users get straight, simple information. This one is CVE-2014-3466, and the cute nickname of the day is “POODLE”.
Laura Poitras on the Crypto Tools That Made Her Snowden Film Possible  15 October 2014 
Source: Wired - Posted by Dave Wreski   
As a journalist, Laura Poitras was the quiet mastermind behind the publication of Edward Snowden’s unprecedented NSA leak. As a filmmaker, her new movie Citizenfour makes clear she’s one of the most important directors working in documentary today. And when it comes to security technology, she’s a serious geek.
Dreaded SSLv3 bug no monster, only a POODLE  15 October 2014 
Source: CSO Online - Posted by Dave Wreski   
On Tuesday, Google's Bodo Möller, along with fellow researchers Thai Duong and Krzysztof Kotowicz, disclosed the existence of a vulnerability in SSLv3, which allows the plaintext of secure connections to be calculated by an attacker on the network.
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