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Red Hat Enterprise Edition Product Line Optimizes Solutions for Top E-business Applications  22 February 2000 
Source: Yahoo E-Biz - Posted by Team   
Red Hat has released an enterprise version of Linux that is developed to work with specific server applications, such as Oracle 8i, Computer Associates products, and SAP R/3. "The Red Hat Linux Enterprise Edition product line is a collaborative effort . . .
Digital Signatures - It's (Becoming) The Law  21 February 2000 
Source: SecurityPortal - Posted by Team   
This SecurityPortal article discusses digital signatures, including the problems associated with them, and their adoption in businesses. . . .
Crypto must be controlled -- FBI director  21 February 2000 
Source: - Thomas C. Greene    - Posted by Team   
One small step backwards in electronic freedom. Thomas C. Greene writes..."FBI Director Louis Freeh remains determined to require cryptography users to register their keys so that the Bureau can crack their secret files whenever a judge can be persuaded . . .
New 3Com NIC with Encryption?  20 February 2000 
Source: 3Com - Posted by Team   
Here's info on a new 3Com ethernet card that has encryption built-in. Does Linux support this card and the encryption features on it? It includes IPSec and 3DES encryption support. Email us at and we'll post the . . .
Intel Unveils Encryption As You Type  19 February 2000 
Source: - David Lammers    - Posted by Team   
This is a very interesting article about the future of cryptography. David Lammers writes ... "At the Intel Developer Forum, Intel unveiled a copy protection scheme that will add a layer of encryption between the system and . . .
IT Week: WAP Steps of Security  19 February 2000 
Source: ZDNet - Rupert Collins-White   - Posted by Team   
As we know, mobile security is a big problem. Rupert Collins-White writes..."Wireless devices will soon be able to reference digital certificates held on servers, boosting security for mobile e-commerce applications, thanks to version 1.3 of the Wireless Application Protocol . . .
NSA concerned about PKI scalability  17 February 2000 
Source: Federal Computer Week - Posted by Team   
Protecting access to Defense Department information systems with public-key infrastructure software tokens presents an "enormous problem'" because of the scale of the effort involved in issuing digital certificates to a uniformed and civilian work force that totals more than a . . .
Electronic Signatures Take Hold in US  16 February 2000 
Source: E-Commerce Times - Posted by Team   
This E-Commerce Times article writes, "The U.S. government and many states are now passing Uniform Electronic Transaction Act (UETA) laws that recognize the legal validity of electronic signatures and transactions." . . .
Counterpane Crypto-Gram  16 February 2000 
Source: Counterpane Internet Security - Posted by Team   
Bruce Schneier, one of the most recognized cryptographers in the industry, has released his latest version of "Crypto-Gram". This is a summary of the month's cryptography and Internet security events. It is a must-read. This month's includes Bruce's . . .
Interface Pushes Linux-Based B2B E-Commerce  15 February 2000 
Source: E-Commerce Times - Posted by Team   
The Cleo Products Group have announced they have added "support for the open-source platform to its Cleo 3780Plus product. Cleo 3780Plus, which will now work with Linux, UNIX and Windows, allows B2B e-commerce operations to exchange such data as . . .
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