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What Do E-Signatures Mean for You?  20 June 2000 
Source: BusinessWeek - Posted by Nick DeClario   
Thanks to a measure approved by Congress and headed to President Clinton's desk for his signature, Web surfers and e-mail users will soon be able to put a legally binding digital version of . . .
Quantum physics used to create 'unhackable' systems  20 June 2000 
Source: CNN Tech - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Scientists at the Department of Energy's Los Alamos National Laboratory and other research organizations around the world are harnessing the laws of quantum physics to develop what they hope will be impregnable data encryption systems.. . .
Encryption Gets Better, but Remains Imperfect  19 June 2000 
Source: Computer User - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
"There is some outstanding technology available, and in publicly available algorithms," Bauer told Newsbytes after his speech. "The problem isn't that there's no good cryptographic technology available. The problem is that it's fiendishly difficult to implement the technology in a secure . . .
Bruce Schneier's Crypto-Gram  16 June 2000 
Posted by Dave Wreski   
In this month's issue of Bruce Schneier's Crypto-Gram, he discusses SOAP, Crypto-Gram Reprints, News, Counterpane Internet Security News, Java and Viruses The Doghouse: Infraworks, The Data Encryption Standard (DES), and Comments from eaders. Always an excellent read.
New MI5 unit to crack criminal computer codes  13 June 2000 
Source: TheTimes - Posted by Dave Wreski   
A special codebreaking organisation is to be set up inside the headquarters of MI5 to crack encrypted communications and computer discs belonging to suspected organised criminals and terrorists. The new centre, which will begin to recruit expert codebreakers soon, will cost . . .
Hush offers Novel Twist on Secure E-mail  13 June 2000 
Source: ZDNet - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
HushPOP, which can be downloaded for free from the company's Web site, is a transparent add-on that runs behind a user's desktop e-mail client and takes a unique approach to encrypted e-mail. Like many other secure messaging programs, HushPOP . . .
OpenSSH v2.2.1 Released  08 June 2000 
Source: OpenSSH Project [LWN] - Posted by Team   
A new version of OpenSSH has been released. Version 2.2.1 fixes a few usability bugs and a security feature not enabled by default. OpenSSH is a freely-available implementation of Secure Shell, a telnet/ftp/rlogin replacement that provides strong . . .
The Advanced Encryption Standard  06 June 2000 
Source: SecurityFocus --   - Posted by Team   
The Data Encryption Standard, or DES, specified a block cipher with a 56-bit key that operated on 64-bit blocks. It was developed by IBM, in response to a request from the National Bureau of Standards for a cryptographic algorithm . . .
U.S. To Follow EU Crypto Lead  06 June 2000 
Source: Wired - Posted by Team   
When the EU meets on June 13th, crypto in the US could be a different story shortly thereafter. "If the European Union votes next week to relax encryption regulations, the United States says it will take similar steps. Commerce . . .
Encryption: Where Next?  06 June 2000 
Source: SC Magazine - Posted by Team   
This SC Mag article discusses the history of crypto, the current controversy over exportation, info on the new crypto standard emerging, and "Crystal Ball" predictions. "The business arguments (for e-business) are important and irresistible. The challenge is for the . . .
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