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E-Commerce Solutions: Template-Driven Pages, Part 2  13 September 2000 
Source: ApacheToday - Posted by Dave Wreski   
This article talks about "template-driven pages, this time using Perl and Python to deliver those SSI templates straight into CGI documents. In the last article we examined the different ways in which we could introduce pages purely using the SSI (Server . . .
RSA Security's Crypto Patent Expiration May Spur More Competitive PKI Tools  08 September 2000 
Source: InformationWeek - Posted by Dave Wreski   
RSA's competitors' reactions to the expiration are mixed. Baltimore Technologies Inc. responded with its own announcement of new products and initiatives. It's eliminating its runtime licensing for its PKI development suite KeyTools and will switch to a flat fee, and it's also offering a free KeyTools Lite, which includes cryptographic and digital certificate functions, including communication with a certificate authority or a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol directory. . . .
RSA Algorithm Released: Update  08 September 2000 
Source: SecurityPortal - Posted by Dave Wreski   
The release of the algorithm is a good thing because you can now create cryptographic software using one RSA implementation and distribute it worldwide without having to license anything from RSA. ... This is good news because you can, for example, . . .
GPG vs. PGP?  07 September 2000 
Source: - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
What are the relative merits and drawbacks of using Gnu Privacy Guard vs. Network Associates' PGP. I am not referring to the fact that GPG doesn't use any restricted implemtations or algorithems; or that GPG was not affected by the recent . . .
RSA releases proprietary security algorithm  06 September 2000 
Source: ZDNet UK - Posted by Dave Wreski   
... Despite RSA's gesture, several competitors who have paid royalties for use of the algorithm for up to 17 years, argue that the industry could have done with the patent relaxation earlier. "Of course its fantastic news, but after 17 years to suddenly release it two weeks early is a bit of a stunt," says Paddy Holahan, vice president of marketing at Baltimore Technology. "It has held back e-commerce.". . .
Welcome to the RSA Freedom Clock page!  05 September 2000 
Source: - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Interested in knowing up to the second increments on the status of the impending RSA patent expiration? This site also provides a view on what the author thinks of software patents to begin with... "The patent office has shown remarkable incompetence . . .
Zimmermann responds to PGP flap  05 September 2000 
Source: NWFusion - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Phil Zimmermann, the creator of Pretty Good Privacy (PGP), responds to the recent flaw discovered in Network Associates implementation of the Additional Decryption Key (ADK) feature. This is a key escrow account that allows a responsible third-party to gain access to . . .
Ain't no network strong enough  31 August 2000 
Source: Salon - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Master cryptographer Bruce Schneier's "Secrets and Lies" explains why computer security is an oxymoron. Bruce Schneier, master cryptographer and idol of the computer underground, targets those short-attention-spanners in his latest book, "Secrets and Lies: Digital Security in a Networked World." Aiming . . .
The Emotional Side of Cryptography  31 August 2000 
Source: Security Portal - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Encrypting data before storage or transmission involves a bit of extra work. This often means that people who ought to be using encryption, instead of relying on the assumption that their data will not be intercepted, fail to do so. But it is also true that some of the people who use encryption are keenly aware of the importance of keeping their information secret.. . .
Encryption Could Starve Carnivore  28 August 2000 
Source: PCWorld - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Even as the FBI slowly releases details of its Carnivore e-mail wiretap technology, software developers are readying schemes to starve Carnivore of meaningful data.. . .
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