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Is banning encryption a crazy plan or an absolute necessity? The reality is much more complicated  13 January 2015 
Source: ZDNet Blogs - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Comments this week by UK prime minister David Cameron have re-ignited the debate about how to weigh individuals' online privacy against the needs of law enforcement to be able to detect and prevent crime.
Post-POODLE, OpenSSL shakes off some fleas  09 January 2015 
Source: The Register UK - Posted by Dave Wreski   
OpenSSL has squashed eight low severity vulnerabilities bugs that could result in denial of service or the removal of forward secrecy. The holes, two graded "moderate", were addressed in OpenSSL updates 1.0.0p, 0.98zd, and 1.0.1k.
Next gen ransomware: Elliptic cryptic, talks on Tor, demands Bitcoin  15 December 2014 
Source: The Register UK - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Cybercrooks have brewed a strain of ransomware that uses elliptic curve cryptography for file encryption, and Tor for communication. The malware, dubbed OphionLocker, is spreading using a malicious advertising (malvertising) campaign featuring the RIG exploit kit.
Mozilla to Support Certificate Transparency in Firefox  11 December 2014 
Source: ThreatPost - Posted by Alex   
Mozilla is planning to add support for Certificate Transparency checks in Firefox in the near future, but the company says that the feature won’t be turned on by default at first.
Hacker Lexicon: What Is End-to-End Encryption?  25 November 2014 
Source: Wired - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Plenty of companies brag that their communications app is encrypted. But that marketing claim demands a followup question: Who has the key? In many cases, the company itself holds the cryptographic key data that lets it decrypt your messages—and so, therefore, does any hacker who compromises the company or government official standing over its shoulder.
Finally, a New Clue to Solve the CIA’s Mysterious Kryptos Sculpture  24 November 2014 
Source: Wired - Posted by Alex   
In 1989, the year the Berlin Wall began to fall, American artist Jim Sanborn was busy working on his Kryptos sculpture, a cryptographic puzzle wrapped in a riddle that he created for the CIA’s headquarters and that has been driving amateur and professional cryptographers mad ever since.
How to weed out the next Heartbleed bug: ENISA details crypto worries  24 November 2014 
Source: ZDNet Blogs - Posted by Dave Wreski   
The cryptographic protocols used to secure data moving across the web are putting users at risk due to design flaws that date back many years. Given the current push to encrypt everything in response to revelations of government surveillance, it's important that the protocols being used to do the job are actually secure.
Encrypt everything, urges Internet Architecture Board  18 November 2014 
Source: Network World - Posted by Dave Wreski   
The Internet Architecture Board (IAB) has issued a sweeping directive “for protocol designers, developers, and operators to make encryption the norm for Internet traffic ,” even while acknowledging that such an approach will create major obstacles for some network operations.
UK spy chief, parroting his US counterparts, calls for crypto backdoors  05 November 2014 
Source: arsTechnica - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Writing that "privacy has never been an absolute right," Robert Hannigan, the head of British spy agency GCHG, urged the US tech sector to assist the fight against terrorism and other crimes by opening up their proprietary networks to government authorities.
Hacker Lexicon: What Is Homomorphic Encryption?  03 November 2014 
Source: Wired - Posted by Dave Wreski   
The problem with encrypting data is that sooner or later, you have to decrypt it. Keep your cloud files cryptographically scrambled using a secret key that only you possess, and it’s likely no hacker will have the codebreaking resources necessary to crack them.
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