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Foresight: pidgin  02 October 2007 
Previous versions of the pidgin package are vulnerable to a Denial of Service (crash) caused by a user not on the target's buddy list sending a "nudge," a feature of the MSN protocol.
Foresight:  18 September 2007 
Previous versions of allow unauthorized arbitrary code execution when a user opens a malformed TIFF image.
Foresight: lighttpd  17 September 2007 
Previous versions of the lighttpd package are vulnerable to a remote Arbitrary Code Execution attack due to a header overflow in the mod_fastcgi extension.

Note that the Foresight System Manager (aka rAPA or rAA), the only user of lighttpd on a default Foresight install, does not enable the mod_fastcgi extension, and so is not vulnerable to this attack.

Foresight: openssh  17 September 2007 
Previous versions of openssh could use a trusted X11 cookie if creation of an untrusted cookie failed, a minor privilege escalation attack.
Foresight: krb5 krb5-workstation  06 September 2007 
Previous versions of the krb5 package are vulnerable to an unauthenticated remote arbitrary code execution attack against the kadmind server. Foresight Linux systems are not automatically configured with kadmind enabled. Systems configured as kerberos administrative servers are vulnerable.
Foresight: star  06 September 2007 
Previous versions of star, an archival program, are vulnerable to an attack in which unpacking an intentionally-malformed tar archive can overwrite arbitrary files to which the user running tar has write access. If unpacked by a superuser, this can lead to arbitrary code execution at root permission levels.
Foresight: gd  06 September 2007 
Previous versions of the gd package are vulnerable to multiple attacks in which an attacker may cause unbounded CPU consumption or application crashes (Denial of Service), possibly leading to the execution of malicious code (Unauthorized Access). These attacks are generally limited to uses of the gd library to load existing images rather than generate new images.
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