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Foresight: perl  12 November 2007 
Previous versions of the perl package contain weaknesses when evaluating regular expressions.

If a system is serving a perl-based web application that evaluates remote input as a regular expression, an attacker may be be able to exploit these weaknesses to execute arbitrary, attacker-provided code on the system, potentially elevating this to a remote, deterministic unauthorized access vulnerability.

Foresight: ruby  12 November 2007 
Previous versions of the ruby package include a library, Net::HTTPS, which does not properly verify the CN (common name) field in ssl certificates, making it easier to perform a man-in-the-middle attack.

It is believed that Foresight Linux does not include any programs which rely on this feature of the Net::HTTPS library, and so is not affected by default.

Foresight: firefox  28 October 2007 
Previous versions of the firefox package are vulnerable to several types of attacks, some of which are understood to allow compromised or malicious sites to run arbitrary code as the user running firefox.
Foresight: initscripts  26 October 2007 
Previous versions of the initscripts package do not set sufficiently restrictive permissions on the /var/log/btmp file, leading to an information exposure issue in which users' passwords may be revealed to unprivileged users in cases when the passwords have been inadvertently entered as usernames at some login prompts.
Foresight: sun-jre sun-jdk  26 October 2007 
Previous versions of Sun's Java implementation are vulnerable to multiple issues which allow attackers to break the security model of the Java Virtual Machine and run arbitrary code as the user running Java (most often a non-root user in a browser setting) via multiple vectors.
Foresight: qt qt-tools  04 October 2007 
Previous version of the qt package are vulnerable to a Denial of Service attack in which a maliciously crafted Unicode string may cause a heap-based buffer overflow in applications that use the Qt libraries.

Note that while Foresight ships qt for compatibility with third-party applications, Foresight Linux does not include any components which use qt, so a default install is not exposed to this issue.

Foresight: openssl  03 October 2007 
Previous versions of the openssl package are vulnerable to a buffer overflow, possibly enabling remote attackers to execute arbitrary code through applications that use the openssl libraries.
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