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Ubuntu: PostgreSQL vulnerabilities  24 October 2006 
Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Michael Fuhr discovered an incorrect type check when handling unknown literals. By attempting to coerce such a literal to the ANYARRAY type, a local authenticated attacker could cause a server crash. Josh Drake and Alvaro Herrera reported a crash when using aggregate functions in UPDATE statements. A local authenticated attacker could exploit this to crash the server backend. This update disables this construct, since it is not very well defined and forbidden by the SQL standard.
Ubuntu: Qt vulnerability  23 October 2006 
Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
An integer overflow was discovered in Qt's image loader. By processing a specially crafted image with an application that uses this library (like Konqueror), a remote attacker could exploit this to execute arbitrary code with the application's privileges.
Ubuntu: Pike vulnerability  18 October 2006 
Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
An SQL injection was discovered in Pike's PostgreSQL module. Applications using a PostgreSQL database and uncommon character encodings could be fooled into running arbitrary SQL commands, which could result in privilege escalation within the application, application data exposure, or denial of service.
Ubuntu: binutils vulnerability  18 October 2006 
Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
A buffer overflow was discovered in gas (the GNU assembler). By tricking an user or automated system (like a compile farm) into assembling a specially crafted source file with gcc or gas, this could be exploited to execute arbitrary code with the user's privileges.
Ubuntu: libksba vulnerability  16 October 2006 
Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
A parsing failure was discovered in the handling of X.509 certificates that contained extra trailing data. Malformed or malicious certificates could cause services using libksba to crash, potentially creating a denial of service.
Ubuntu: Xsession vulnerability  16 October 2006 
Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
A race condition existed that would allow other local users to see error messages generated during another user's X session. This could allow potentially sensitive information to be leaked.
Ubuntu: Fixed linux-restricted-modules-2.6.15  16 October 2006 
Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
USN-346-1 provided an updated Linux kernel to fix several security vulnerabilities. Unfortunately the update broke the binary 'nvidia' driver from linux-restricted-modules. This update corrects this problem. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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