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Ubuntu: OpenSSL vulnerabilities  28 September 2007 
Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
It was discovered that OpenSSL did not correctly perform Montgomery multiplications. Local attackers might be able to reconstruct RSA private keys by examining another user's OpenSSL processes.
Ubuntu: libmodplug vulnerability  27 September 2007 
Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Luigi Auriemma discovered that libmodplug did not properly sanitize its input. A specially crafted AMF file could be used to exploit this situation to cause buffer overflows and possibly execute arbitrary code as the user.
Ubuntu: fetchmail vulnerabilities  25 September 2007 
Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Gaetan Leurent discovered a vulnerability in the APOP protocol based on MD5 collisions. As fetchmail supports the APOP protocol, this vulnerability can be used by attackers to discover a portion of the APOP user's authentication credentials.
Ubuntu: elinks vulnerability  25 September 2007 
Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Kalle Olavi Niemitalo discovered that if elinks makes a POST request to an HTTPS URL through a proxy, information may be sent in clear-text between elinks and the proxy. Attackers with access to the network could steal sensitive information (such as passwords).
Ubuntu: Linux kernel vulnerabilities  24 September 2007 
Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Evan Teran discovered that the Linux kernel ptrace routines did not correctly handle certain requests robustly. Local attackers could exploit this to crash the system, causing a denial of service. (CVE-2007-3731)
Ubuntu: kdm vulnerability  24 September 2007 
Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
It was discovered that KDM would allow logins without password checks under certain circumstances. If autologin was configured, and "shutdown with password" enabled, a local user could exploit the problem and gain root privileges.
Ubuntu: xfsdump vulnerability  20 September 2007 
Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Paul Martin discovered that xfs_fsr creates a temporary directory with insecure permissions. This allows a local attacker to exploit a race condition in xfs_fsr to read or overwrite arbitrary files on xfs filesystems.
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