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Ubuntu: 1007-1: NSS vulnerabilities  20 October 2010 
Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Richard Moore discovered that NSS would sometimes incorrectly match an SSLcertificate which had a Common Name that used a wildcard followed by a partialIP address. While it is very unlikely that a Certificate Authority would issuesuch a certificate, if an attacker were able to perform a man-in-the-middleattack, this flaw could be exploited to view sensitive information. [More...]
Ubuntu: 997-1: Firefox and Xulrunner vulnerabilities  20 October 2010 
Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Paul Nickerson, Jesse Ruderman, Olli Pettay, Igor Bukanov, Josh Soref, GaryKwong, Martijn Wargers, Siddharth Agarwal and Michal Zalewski discoveredvarious flaws in the browser engine. An attacker could exploit this tocrash the browser or possibly run arbitrary code as the user invoking theprogram. (CVE-2010-3175, CVE-2010-3176) [More...]
Ubuntu: 1005-1: poppler vulnerabilities  19 October 2010 
Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
It was discovered that poppler contained multiple security issues whenparsing malformed PDF documents. If a user or automated system were trickedinto opening a crafted PDF file, an attacker could cause a denial ofservice or execute arbitrary code with privileges of the user invoking theprogram. [More...]
Ubuntu: 1004-1: Django vulnerability  13 October 2010 
Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
It was discovered that Django did not properly sanitize the cookie valuewhen applying CSRF protections resulting in a cross-site scripting (XSS)vulnerability. With cross-site scripting vulnerabilities, if a user weretricked into viewing server output during a crafted server request, aremote attacker could exploit this to modify the contents, or steal [More...]
Ubuntu: 1002-2: PostgreSQL vulnerability  07 October 2010 
Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
USN-1002-1 fixed vulnerabilities in PostgreSQL. This update provides thecorresponding update for Ubuntu 10.10. [More...]
Ubuntu: 1002-1: PostgreSQL vulnerability  07 October 2010 
Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
It was discovered that PostgreSQL did not properly enforce permissionswithin sessions when PL/Perl and PL/Tcl functions or operators wereredefined. A remote authenticated attacker could exploit this to executearbitrary code with permissions of a different user, possibly leading toprivilege escalation. [More...]
Ubuntu: 1001-1: LVM2 vulnerability  06 October 2010 
Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
The cluster logical volume manager daemon (clvmd) in LVM2 did not correctlyvalidate credentials. A local user could use this flaw to manipulatelogical volumes without root privileges and cause a denial of service inthe cluster. [More...]
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