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Ubuntu: 1067-1: Telepathy Gabble vulnerability  17 February 2011 
Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
It was discovered that Gabble did not verify the from field of googlejingleinfo updates. This could allow a remote attacker to perform manin the middle attacks (MITM) on streamed media. [More...]
Ubuntu: 1065-1: shadow vulnerability  15 February 2011 
Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Kees Cook discovered that some shadow utilities did not correctly validateuser input. A local attacker could exploit this flaw to inject newlines intothe /etc/passwd file. If the system was configured to use NIS, this couldlead to existing NIS groups or users gaining or losing access to the system,resulting in a denial of service or unauthorized access. [More...]
Ubuntu: 1063-1: QEMU vulnerability  14 February 2011 
Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Neil Wilson discovered that if VNC passwords were blank in QEMUconfigurations, access to VNC sessions was allowed without a passwordinstead of being disabled. A remote attacker could connect to runningVNC sessions of QEMU and directly control the system. By default, QEMUdoes not start VNC sessions. [More...]
Ubuntu: 1060-1: Exim vulnerabilities  10 February 2011 
Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
It was discovered that Exim contained a design flaw in the way it processedalternate configuration files. An attacker that obtained privileges of the"Debian-exim" user could use an alternate configuration file to obtainroot privileges. (CVE-2010-4345) [More...]
Ubuntu: 1059-1: Dovecot vulnerabilities  07 February 2011 
Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
It was discovered that the ACL plugin in Dovecot would incorrectlypropagate ACLs to new mailboxes. A remote authenticated user could possiblyread new mailboxes that were created with the wrong ACL. (CVE-2010-3304) [More...]
Ubuntu: 1058-1: PostgreSQL vulnerability  03 February 2011 
Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Geoff Keating reported that a buffer overflow exists in the intarraymodule's input function for the query_int type. This could allow anattacker to cause a denial of service or possibly execute arbitrarycode as the postgres user. [More...]
Ubuntu: 1057-1: Linux kernel vulnerabilities  03 February 2011 
Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Dave Chinner discovered that the XFS filesystem did not correctly orderinode lookups when exported by NFS. A remote attacker could exploit this toread or write disk blocks that had changed file assignment or had becomeunlinked, leading to a loss of privacy. (CVE-2010-2943) [More...]
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