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Want to know how to make Linux really secure? Security Enhanced Linux (SE Linux), a system of security policies developed by the NSA, let you secure Linux at every level from the kernel up. Find out how EnGarde Secure Linux and others build and maintain a truly secure server environment.

Fedora Announces new SELinux Mailing List  05 March 2004 
Source: Fedora - Posted by David Isecke   
This is to announce the availablity of a new Fedora mailing list for SELinux-specific discussion. The list is for users and developers posting bug reports, avc messages, support questions & answers, patches etc. For subscription details, see : . . .
SELinux Demonstration!  01 March 2004 
Source: Russell Coker - Posted by David Isecke   
The aim of this is to demonstrate that all necessary security can be provided by SE Linux without any Unix permissions (however it is still recommended that you use Unix permissions as well for real servers). Also it gives you a chance to login to a SE machine and see what it's like. . . .
Hardened Gentoo's SELinux Demo Machine  16 June 2003 
Source: Gentoo - Posted by Adam Chalemian   
We at Gentoo have put up an SELinux demo machine to show the power of SELinux, the url has root login information and is the project page. Check out both URLs to find out additional . . .
SysAdmin: SELinux  10 March 2003 
Source: SysAdmin Magazine - Posted by Jen Olson   
Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) is an extension to the standard Linux kernel that has been designed to enforce strict access controls. SELinux lets you confine processes to the minimum amount of privilege they require. In this article, I will cover the ideas behind SELinux and show how to install, configure, and manage an SELinux system.. . .
SELinux: Message from Secure Computing  26 July 2002 
Source: - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
Secure Computing has reviewed the concerns expressed by the open source community about SELinux and certain Secure Computing patents. We understand that considerable effort has been invested in SELinux, with the expectation that SELinux would be available for everyone's use. . . .
SELinux aims for security certification and credibility among cautious IT purchasers  22 March 2002 
Source: Newsforge - Posted by Jen Olson   
The Cyberspace Policy Institute at The George Washington University is launching an effort to get international security ratings for the U.S. National Security Agency-driven Security Enhanced Linux project, a move that organizers hope will make Linux more attractive to cautious technology purchasers, including government agencies.. . .
New release of the LSM-based SELinux prototype  27 September 2001 
Source: - Posted by Benjamin D. Thomas   
The SELinux web site including the mail list archive has been updated. The site includes a new release of the LSM-based SELinux prototype. This release contains many bug fixes and improvements to both LSM and SELinux and is based on the . . .
NSA Releases Updated SELinux  27 August 2001 
Source: NSA - Posted by Pete O'Hara   
The new SELinux prototype that uses the Linux Security Modules (LSM) kernel patch is now available for download. In this release, we are using a kernel patch based on the lsm-2001_08_16 patch against kernel 2.4.9. . . .
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