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Three Most used Backdoor Programs  06 January 2010 
Source: Hungry Hackers - Posted by Alex   
There is a general misconception about security today. Most people would love to believe that their firewalls are completely capable to protect them from anything indecent. The sad part, they could not be more wrong. Hungry Hacker aim to prove it with three separate programs that can compromise the security of computers. You have the opportunity to say “What’s a backdoor?” Yes, these programs were created in 1990, but still pose a real threat today.
List of all the SQL Injection Strings  06 January 2010 
Source: Hungry Hackers - Posted by Alex   
SQL injection attacks are executed via front-end Web applications that don’t properly validate user input. This tutorial is not going to go into detail on why these string work but it will show you how you can form these SQL Injection Strings which can be used to hack any website.
How to Write an Information Security Policy  17 June 2009 
Posted by Dave Wreski   
An Information Security Policy is the cornerstone of an Information Security Program. It should reflect the organization's objectives for security and the agreed upon management strategy for securing information. Here's a great article on how to implement one in the real-world and how to get management to buy in to your plan.

PHP Shell, for secure remote access when SSH isn't available  19 February 2008 
Source: - Posted by Ryan Berens   
SSH is one form of secure, remote access. And most of the time, it's one of the most popular ways to control your server from afar. But in the event that you don't have that option (rare as it may be), you may want to consider PHP Shell. You might wonder about the security of setting up a PHP script that allows shell commands to be executed, but PHP Shell is no more or less secure an application than any other PHP file on the server. Of course, you must be responsible for your own security.

phpBB Hacks: password security, anti robot login and More  06 December 2007 
Source: - Posted by Ryan Berens   
phpBB, the popular forum software, has a lot of capability when it comes to authorization and template systems, among others. Protecting your forum from the various bots and spammers is an important aspect of any forum. This quick guide gives you a couple of options and even takes you through some implementation.
Encrypting CD/DVD's in Ubuntu  15 November 2007 
Posted by Ryan Berens   
Ever wanted to secure your DVD collection? How about protecting you data-packed CDs?

This is a quick and concise HOWTO on getting your circular media encrypted from possible attacker. It takes you through getting the necessary tools, and will work on any distro, even though it use Ubuntu.
Bastille Linux: Introduction and installation  14 November 2007 
Posted by Ryan Berens   
The popular Linux security guru, James Turnbull, has everything you need to know on getting Bastille up and running. Hardening your Linux hosts doesn't have to be a difficult process, if you can use an automated security tool like Bastille Linux. Bastille covers a wide variety of platforms and distributions, making it ideal for configuring heterogeneous IT environments. In this tip, I'll describe the way Bastille Linux works and explain how to get started.
OWASP Introduction to Using JbroFuzzer In Labrat  06 August 2007 
Posted by Spyro   
Welcome to the LabRat-JBroFuzzer introduction tutorial. In this tutorial we will review the basic uses for JBroFuzzer and how to start it in the LabRat live security distribution. This is an entry level tutorial that requires the user to know how to run a live ISO in VMware. If you are an advanced user and looking for programming resources to add to JBroFuzzer please check the OWASP JBroFuzzer page or Sourceforge. Read More
Anti Forensics: Making Your Computer Protected  26 July 2007 
Posted by Wendel Guglielmetti Henrique   
This paper presents a wealth of information, ranging from basic, all the way to advanced techniques used in defeating forensic analysis from affecting your network. Why is this important? Because as the tools for protection become more sophisticated, so do the tools for unwanted analysis, and forensics is one of the most growing aspects in security. This is a solid overview and serve as a great resource to find out what forensics is, what it does, where it's going, and what you can do to stop it.
OWASP Introduction to XSS using WebGoat  17 July 2007 
Posted by Administrator - Spyro   
Cross Site Scripting is one of the most common web vulnerabilities in existence today, and subsequently one of the most exploited issues. This tutorial is geared towards someone who may have heard of cross site scripting, and may even understand the concepts behind it, but would benefit by seeing real examples and having the opportunity to experiment with them. Read More
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