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Secure my websever
Find the HOWTO or step-by-step guide that you need right here.

Securing your VNC connection using SSH  12 December 2007 
Source: - Posted by Ryan Berens   
VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing. It is remote control software which allows you to view and fully interact with one computer desktop using a VNC viewer on another computer desktop anywhere on the LAN or Internet. There are many facets of ensuring your VNC is secure and this article shows you how to do it with a Linux (OpenSuse 10.3) server. This is a great step-by-step way to establish a quick secure way to access remote desktops with SSH.
HowTo: Prevent a Fork Bomb Attack  27 November 2007 
Source: - Posted by Ryan Berens   
Fork bombing attacks, like other dangers, can wreak havoc on a system if you aren't careful. Every angle that isn't covered could in fact be the most vulnerable resource to a potential cracker. Here you get a quick overview on what needs to be done to make the most of your protection:

Limiting user processes is important for running a stable system. To limit user process just add user name or group or all users to /etc/security/limits.conf file and impose process limitations.
Enable Multiple HTTPS Sites For One IP Using TLS Extensions  16 November 2007 
Posted by Ryan Berens   
If you need to set up secure website connections, this HOWTO is what you need. IT's focused on Debian but will help no matter what distribution you may be using.

This how-to is Debian specific but could be ported to other distributions since the concept is the same. In order to use TLS Extensions we have to patch and recompile apache2 and recompile OpenSSL with the enable-tlsext directive.

If you are going to use this HOWTO, you may want to check out their "Perfect Debian" HOWTO as well.
Linux IPv6 HOWTO (en)  15 November 2007 
Source: TLDP - Posted by Ryan Berens   
Here, Peter Bieringer at The Linux Documentation Project goes over keeping remote access desktops secure with IPv6.

Constantly updated, this is a great resource to keep in your bookmarks, as it is one of the most comprehensive HOWTO's you can find. Highly recommended for anyone looking to understand the in-depth world of IP.
Secure Boot CDs for VPN HOWTO  07 November 2007 
Source: Linux Documentation Project - Posted by Ryan Berens   
Jeffery Douglas Waddell, from the Linux Documentation Project provides us with a comprehensive look at securing your booting stage with VPN capabilities. As he states in the beginning:

For several years now, users at the Institution where I currently work part-time have expressed a need for a robust and secure connection to the internal network. The internal network actually has some clients that are on private networks and some clients that are Internet-routeable. Read on for the connecting quickly and securely.

Secure Package Management with EnGarde: @ HOW-TO  09 October 2007 
Source: - Posted by Ryan Berens   
Always a great and useful place for walk-throughs, How-TOS and more, How-to-Forge has yet another quality overview on setting up your platform. This time, itís about setting up an EnGarde server for package management and then building a package for Ruby.

Step by step, easy to follow instructions in how best to build your package environment, two of our security developers Bill and Eckie show you how to set it all up.

Donít miss it!
Tips on keeping your Ubuntu Linux server secure  24 August 2006 
Source: Computer World - Posted by Efren J. Belizario   
This article is excerpted from The Official Ubuntu Book by Benjamin Mako Hill, Jono Bacon, Corey Burger, Jonathan Jesse and Ivan Krstic, copyright Prentice Hall. Reprinted with permission of Prentice Hall, all rights reserved.

Secure your Web applications by validating user input with PHP and PEAR classes  19 June 2006 
Source: "Secure your Web applications by validating user input with PHP and PEAR classes" - Posted by Administrator   
This whitepaper lists the more useful PHP validation tools and explains how you can use them to increase the overall security of your Web applications.
20 ways to Secure your Apache Configuration  16 June 2006 
Source: "20 ways to Secure your Apache Configuration" - Posted by Administrator   
Here are 20 things you can do to make your apache configuration more secure.
Apache 2 with SSL/TLS  19 January 2005 
Source: "Apache 2 with SSL/TLS" - Posted by Administrator   
This article begins a series of three articles dedicated to configuring Apache 2.0 with SSL/TLS support in order to ensure maximum security and optimal performance of the SSL communication. This article, part one, introduces key aspects of SSL/TLS an
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