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EnGarde Secure Community 3.0.20 Now Available  19 August 2008  Print E-mail
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Source: Guardian Digital - Posted by Bill Keys   
Latest News Guardian Digital is happy to announce the release of EnGarde Secure Community 3.0.20 (Version 3.0, Release 20). This release includes many updated packages and bug fixes and some feature enhancements to the EnGarde Secure Linux Installer and the SELinux policy. In distribution since 2001, EnGarde Secure Community was one of the very first security platforms developed entirely from open source, and has been engineered from the ground-up to provide users and organizations with complete, secure Web functionality, DNS, database, e-mail security and even e-commerce.
Openwall-Announce: John the Ripper Pro 1.7.3+ for Linux  18 July 2008  Print E-mail
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Source: Openwall - Posted by Bill Keys   
Latest News This is likely the last announcement posting for today, and maybe for this month. It is to announce availability of John the Ripper 1.7.3 Pro for Linux (stable release) and Pro for Mac OS X (currently in public beta).I'd like to thank Alain Espinosa for the optimized NTLM code, and for kindly placing it in the public domain. This release of JtR Pro includes Alain's code with slight modifications, as well as replacement code for the password file loader; I am going to roll these into the next revision of the jumbo patch. Have you heard John the Ripper 1.7.3 Pro for Linux was just release? Test it out for yourself and let us know what you think about this release.
Latest VLC Patches Security Vulnerability, Fixes Other Bugs  14 July 2008  Print E-mail
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Source: ITWire - Posted by Bill Keys   
Latest News Users of the open source VLC media player should download version 0.8.6i to avoid a serious vulnerability in previous releases. According to a security advisory released by the VideoLAN project, a maliciously crafted WAV file could either crash VLC or cause the execution of arbitrary code. In common with so many vulnerabilities that can be exploited through media files, this is another buffer overflow problem. I use VLC because it supports so many different formats but, why did this security vulnerability got so much attention in the news?
Google Backs Open-Source CERT Group  07 May 2008  Print E-mail
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Source: Linux World - Posted by Bill Keys   
Latest News Google has thrown its weight behind a fledgling security reporting group for the open-source community.

The search engine giant, long a proponent of open-source software, is now one of three sponsors of oCERT, the Open Source Computer Emergency Response Team. What do you think about this statement by Google? Do you think it will help Open-Source Security?

Openwall Announce Community Resources: Oss-security, oCERT, Xvendor  17 April 2008  Print E-mail
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Source: Openwall - Posted by Bill Keys   
Latest News The Solar Designer from the Openwall project announced some interesting news about their project. They are joined the oCERT project which is an important project for the Linux Security. Solar Designer is creator of the popular John the Ripper password cracker and has developed many of the Openwall projects. His is one of the key players in making open source security so successful. We have joined the oCERT project (the Open Source Computer Emergency Response Team), in two ways: I serve on the advisory board of oCERT, and Openwall is a registered public member of oCERT such that we can be sure to receive notification of vulnerabilities pertaining to our software (and, far more likely, to third-party software that we redistribute as a part of Openwall GNU/*/Linux) that will be handled via oCERT. Other Open Source projects are welcome to register with oCERT, too. (We're also a member of oss-security and vendor-sec, and are registered with the CERT/CC.) The website for oCERT is:
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