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Students plagued by Internet fraud  30 September 2010 
Source: Central Florida Future - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Security breaches aren't just for the White House anymore. October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and the National Cyber Security Alliance is looking to raise awareness among college students to help them stay safe and secure online.
A disturbing disconnect between CSOs and CIOs  29 September 2010 
Source: CSO Online - Posted by Anthony Pell   
I can always tell how comfortable a person is with the concept of information security when I interview them. Someone who really has a passion for it and knows their stuff will keep me on the phone for hours and take me deep into the weeds of their procedures. Someone who is uncomfortable will simply clam up.
Wikileaks risking lives says upset Wikipedia founder  29 September 2010 
Source: Network World - Posted by Alex   
Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales has launched a strongly-worded attack on controversial whistleblowing site Wikileaks, accusing it of risking lives with some of its recent Afghan war disclosures.
Open Source Databases Have Come of Age  28 September 2010 
Source: Tech News World - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Client/server systems with SQL interfaces jockey for position against upstart NoSQL systems with intimidating (and exciting) new models for data representation, distribution and consistency. In addition, more than a dozen embedded and special purpose databases have grown up to serve the needs of applications too small or too agile to require a full RDBMS.
Five Main Causes Of SMB Security Incidents  27 September 2010 
Source: Dark Reading - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Like you, I have also read many articles covering small business security, the authors of which have made up various lists of "top X threats" or "this year's biggest vulnerabilities," etc. So I thought it would be interesting to dig into a sampling of the data breach reports and collect some real data on causes of breaches and other security incidents in SMBs.
Samba Reports Severe Security Flaw in All Existing Versions  24 September 2010 
Source: SpamFighter - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Developers of Samba have warned that every edition of Samba has severe vulnerability, which cyber-criminals can abuse without difficulty. The flaw makes all Samba versions till as early as 3.0 vulnerable. Incidentally, the 3.0 version was launched over 5 years back.
No OS is safe, expert warns  23 September 2010 
Source: IT Pro UK - Posted by Anthony Pell   
Preconceptions that some operating systems are safer than others are misguided, a security expert has claimed. In reality all systems have their flaws which hackers will attempt to exploit and, despite some people’s belief Linux and Mac users are safer, all are vulnerable, said David Jacoby, a senior security researcher at Kaspersky.
Linux Kernel Exploit Gives Hackers a Back Door  22 September 2010 
Source: PC World - Posted by Alex   
Linux is well-known for its security advantages over many other operating systems, but that doesn't mean it's immune to problems. A Linux kernel flaw first discovered earlier this month, for example, gives hackers a way to not just gain root privileges in 64-bit Linux operating systems but also to leave a "back door" open for further exploitation later.
Intel HDCP Crack, Stuxnet Worm Research Top Security News  21 September 2010 
Source: eWeek - Posted by Alex   
The past week in security saw the HDCP master key get exposed, HP's deal to purchase ArcSight and revelations about the Stuxnet worm targeting industrial systems.
How to hack IP voice and video in real-time  21 September 2010 
Source: Network World - Posted by Alex   
Corporate video conferences can still be easily hacked by insiders using a freeware tool that allows attackers to monitor calls in real-time and record them in files suitable for posting on YouTube.
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