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Hacker: Gawker Has "Possibly The Worst Security" Ever  14 December 2010 
Source: Gothamist - Posted by Alex   
After admitting that they were hacked yesterday, Gawker Media sites are now running an alert at the top of their sites about the breach of their 1+ million commenters' usernames and passwords with a link to how commenters can change their passwords, adding, "We understand how important trust is on the internet, and we're deeply sorry for and embarrassed about this breach of security—and of trust."
Year in Review: Security  13 December 2010 
Source: CNET - Posted by Anthony Pell   
From the attacks on Google that originated in China to the Stuxnet worm that experts say was written to sabotage Iran's nuclear program, 2010 was notable for international intrigue in the security world. The year started out with a bang as Google announced in mid-January that its corporate network had been attacked by someone in China and intellectual property was heisted. The "highly sophisticated and targeted attack," which was mirrored at about 30 other companies, exploited a hole in Internet Explorer.
WikiLeaks backlash: The first global cyber war has begun, claim hackers  13 December 2010 
Source: The Guardian - Posted by Anthony Pell   
As Julian Assange is held in solitary confinement at Wandsworth prison, the anonymous community of hacktivists takes to the cyber battlefields. He is one of the newest recruits to Operation Payback. In a London bedroom, the 24-year-old computer hacker is preparing his weaponry for this week's battles in an evolving cyberwar.
Amazon, PayPal fend off hacker attacks over WikiLeaks  10 December 2010 
Source: Washington Post - Posted by Alex   
Internet giants Amazon and PayPal fended off multiple online attacks yesterday by sympathizers of the anti-secrecy Web site WikiLeaks. The online retailer and the payment service, both of which appeared to function smoothly yesterday, incurred the wrath of hackers who all week have been launching retaliatory attacks against them because they had severed business ties with WikiLeaks.
New version of OpenSSL fixes two vulnerabilities  09 December 2010 
Source: H Security - Posted by Alex   
Version 1.0.0c of the free OpenSSL SSL implementation fixes two vulnerabilities. A flaw in an older workaround for Netscape browsers and servers can be remotely exploited to make an OpenSSL server downgrade the ciphersuite to a weaker one for subsequent connections. This can potentially simplify the cracking of encrypted connections.
Linux Kernel Exploit Goes Public  09 December 2010 
Source: eWeek - Posted by Anthony Pell   
A security researcher has posted an exploit for the Linux on the Full Disclosure mailing list that utilizes three different bugs to permit an attacker to get root access.
WikiLeaks live Q&A with Geoff Elliott and Caroline Overington  08 December 2010 
Source: The Australian - Posted by Anthony Pell   
HOURS before his arrest Julian Assange sent an opinion piece to The Australian, comparing himself to Sir Keith Murdoch, who famously spoke truth to power during the Gallipoli campaign.
Operation Payback: WikiLeaks Avenged by Hacktivists  08 December 2010 
Source: Network World - Posted by Anthony Pell   
WikiLeaks has been experiencing some issues lately ranging from having its Web hosting services shutdown to having its accounts frozen and the flow of money cut off. Some cheer those actions, while others see them as an attack on liberty and free speech and are coming to WikiLeaks' defense.
US Lags Behind Safeguarding Against Cyberattacks  07 December 2010 
Source: Red Orbit - Posted by Alex   
Experts say that it will take several more years for the government to fully install high-tech systems to block cyber-attacks, which is a drawn-out timeline that enables criminals to become better at stealing sensitive data.
Burning Questions About Google's Chrome OS  07 December 2010 
Source: TechTree - Posted by Alex   
If you've been keeping up with the happenings in the field of consumer technology, I'm sure you must have come across the talk of Chrome OS. Tagged as yet another daring, innovative concept from the Google labs, it has a fair chance of changing the way we think about Operating Systems in general. So what do we know about the Chrome OS till now and what should we expect at the unveiling today?
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