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Report: Companies Still Not Patching Security Vulnerabilities  20 January 2015 
Source: ThreatPost - Posted by Dave Wreski   
The Cisco 2015 Annual Security Report is out and the findings are troubling as always: for every positive finding in the report, it seems, there is a negative finding, neutralizing any gains in the network security struggle.
Sony: A Game Changer for Cyber Attribution  12 January 2015 
Source: Security Ledger - Posted by Dave Wreski   
We’ve been writing a lot about the issue of cyber attribution in recent weeks, following the attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment in November. That incident has become something of a Rorschach Test for those in the information security field: revealing as much about the individual attempting to explain the Sony hack as about the attack itself.
2015 to see increased IoT risks, wider security skills gap  06 January 2015 
Source: ZDNet Blogs - Posted by Dave Wreski   
With Internet of Things (IoT) gaining more traction, such devices are expected to gain more attention from malicious hackers this year who will also be resorting back to social engineering tactics.
Hunting the hackers: Tough and getting tougher, but more important than ever  05 January 2015 
Source: ZDNet Blogs - Posted by Dave Wreski   
Events such as the massive attack on Sony Pictures have emphasised yet again how anyone with a grudge and a certain amount of technical knowledge can undermine the digital systems on which modern internet-connected economies rely.
Behind the Scenes at Sony as Hacking Crisis Unfolded  02 January 2015 
Source: Wall Street Journal - Posted by Dave Wreski   
The day after Sony Pictures employees discovered that company email was unusable following a cyberattack, senior executives came up with an old-style communication network: a phone tree, in which updates on the hack were relayed from person to person.
2015 Network Security Predictions: 8 Things That Won’t Happen  30 December 2014 
Source: Gartner - Posted by Anthony Pell   
You’ve probably read your fill of security prophets (many employed by security vendors) prognosticating about all the scary/wonderful security stuff that will happen in 2015. Rather than go down that too-traveled route, I’ve decided to take a different angle and discuss 8 buzzed-about vendor-wished-for phenomena that will not occur in the coming year, and will confuse your security posture..
The Pirate Bay domain back or scammers making money?  23 December 2014 
Source: TechWorm - Posted by Dave Wreski   
It is two weeks now after The Pirate Bay servers raided at Nacka, a nuclear-proof data center built into a mountain complex near Stockholm. Since then, the pirate Bay site has been offline. But today, the domain showed signs of being alive and kicking. Will this lead to a full fledged comeback or is this a scam site hosting ads?
Report: U.S. planning “proportional response” to Sony hack, blamed on North Korea  19 December 2014 
Source: boingboing - Posted by Dave Wreski   
One day ahead of an expected announcement by U.S. officials that North Korea is responsible for the devastating hack on Sony Pictures, CNN reports that federal investigators have evidence that “hackers stole the computer credentials of a system administrator to get access to Sony's computer system.”
London teen pleads guilty to Spamhaus DDoS  17 December 2014 
Source: The Register UK - Posted by Dave Wreski   
A 17 year-old Londoner has pleaded guilty to a series of denial-of-service attacks against internet exchanges and the Spamhaus anti-spam service last year.
This Linux grinch could put a hole in your security stocking  16 December 2014 
Source: Network World - Posted by Dave Wreski   
A grinch may be snatching away some year-end holiday time, forcing Linux system administrators to fill a gaping security hole in their systems.
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