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FreeBSD-SA-96:09:unauthorized access via mount_union / mount_msdos (vfsload)  22 May 1996 
The mount_union and mount_msdos programs invoke another system utility in an insecure fashion while setuid root.
FreeBSD-SA-96:01:sliplogin unauthorized access vulnerability  22 May 1996 
The sliplogin program is used to allow a remote user to dial into a FreeBSD system and start a SLIP connection. The sliplogin program is typically used as replacement user "shell" in this application. The sliplogin program invokes a child process that may be compromised through the passing of certain environment variables.
FreeBSD-SA-96:02:apache httpd meta-character escaping  22 April 1996 
Versions of the apache http daemon before release 1.05 do not properly restrict shell meta-characters transmitted to the daemon via form input (via GET or POST).
FreeBSD-SA-96:08:syslog vulnerability  21 April 1996 
Bounds checking for syslog error messages was not being performed properly.
FreeBSD-SA-96:03:*suggested action only* sendmail smrsh now available  20 April 1996 
Sendmail has the ability to deliver mail to a program on the local system via a pipe. This feature is often used to support automatic mail filtering and vacation programs. This provides a very flexible way to deliver information to an automated task running on a mailserver. Unfortunately, this allows unprivileged users to write tasks that may not properly check for common attacks via the program delivery system. The next release of FreeBSD will now install the sendmail restricted shell utility, smrsh in /usr/libexec and create the directory /usr/libexec/sm.bin to hold programs that may be executed by sendmail to deliver mail to pipes.
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