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FreeBSD: kernel Denial of service vulnerability  03 March 2004 
Out-of-sequence tcp packets can be used to execute a low-bandwidth DoS attack.
FreeBSD: kernel Improper access vulnerability  27 February 2004 
Jailed processes can attach to other jails.
FreeBSD: n/a FreeBSD: 'shmat' reference counting bug  05 February 2004 
A programming error in the shmat(2) system call can result in a shared memory segment's reference count being erroneously incremented.
FreeBSD: mksnap_ffs Improper option clearing  30 January 2004 
Possible consequences an include disabling extended access control lists or enabling the use of setuid executables stored on an untrusted filesystem.
FreeBSD: Bind Negative-cache DOS vulnerability  29 November 2003 
An attacker may arrange for malicious DNS messages to be deliveredto a target name server, and cause that name server to cache anegative response for some target domain name. The name server wouldthereafter respond negatively to legitimate queries for that domainname, resulting in a denial-of-service for applications that requireDNS.
FreeBSD: OpenSSH Multiple vulnerabilities  03 October 2003 
Multiple PAM vulnerabilities have been fixed.
FreeBSD: OpenSSL ASN.1 parsing vulnerabilities  03 October 2003 
This advisory addresses four separate flaws recently fixed in OpenSSL.The flaws are described in the following excerpt from the OpenSSL.orgadvisory.
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