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Welcome to's White Paper Library. Here you will find the latest industry resource materials to help IT professionals understand industry trends, make IT buying decisions, and much more! Search through various titles produced by industry experts to further your knowledge on Linux, security, and information technology-related issues.
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The Starter PKI Program
The Starter PKI program from Thawte has been developed for companies with a need to secure multiple domains or host names. This guide will introduce you to the Program by explaining how it works and its benefits. We will also point you to a dummy company on our web site where you can "test drive" the Program.
The Open Source Movement: Implication for Education - Comprehensive Essays
This paper explains the importance and implications of open source in education. The open source movement has become more than just a better way of writing software. The open source movement can be seen as a culture, an ideology and a better way for humans to work together on shared pursuits. The specific characteristics of open source communities vary. While many open source communities exist as informal, distributed entities, there have been attempts at developing more formal, proximal open source communities (e.g., local Linux User Groups or LUGs).
The Spam Economy: The Convergent Spam and Virus Threats
Spammers, virus writers and hackers were once distinct communities with distinct motivations. However, the success of spam has brought the three together in an underground economy with a single purpose: to make money from unsolicited email. This paper examines how the convergence of the spam and virus threats is developing a new spam economy.
Thinking Inside the Box: Benefits of an Internet Filtering Appliance
Company:St. Bernard Software
The phrase "thinking outside the box" is often used to describe the creative process of coming up with a unique idea or process outside the norm. In this white paper, we use the phrase "thinking inside the box" to describe the benefits of an appliance-based Internet filtering solution that provides corporations, government agencies, and educational institutions with a cost-effective way of managing Internet access.
Wi-Fi Security: What Hackers Know That You Don't
Company:Air Defense
This white paper describes the methods, skills, and tools that hackers use to exploit vulnerabilities in 802.11 wireless LANs. A good understanding of hacker tools and techniques and the vulnerabilities they exploit enables security managers to take proactive steps to properly secure their wireless networks and mitigate security risks.
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