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Building the Server

2.5. Building the Server

After configuring the software you can start building it. First build the dependencies, using the command:

make depend

Build the server after that, using the command:


If all goes well, the server will build as configured. If not, return to the previous step to review the configuration settings. You should read the INSTALL and README files located in the directory where you unpacked the software. Also, check the configure script specific hints, they are located in the path doc/install/configure under the directory you unpacked the software.

To ensure a correct build, you should run the test suite (it only takes a few minutes):

make test

Tests which apply to your configuration will run and they should pass. Some tests, such as the replication test, may be skipped.

Now install the binaries and man pages. You may need to be superuser to do this (depending on where you are installing things):

su root -c 'make install'

That's all, now you have the binary of the server and the binaries of several other utilities. Go to the Chapter 3 section to see how to configure the operation of your LDAP server.



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