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Requirements for IP Masquerade on Linux 2.0.x

2.8. Requirements for IP Masquerade on Linux 2.0.x

" ** Please refer to IP Masquerade Resource for the latest information. ** "

Here is a list of IP Masquerading patches for 2.0.x kernels:

  • Steven Clarke's IP PortForwarding (IPPORTFW) - RECOMMENDED

  • IP AutoForward - NOT Recommended

  • REDIR for TCP (REDIR) - NOT Recommended unless required for internal PORTFW

  • UDP redirector (UDPRED) - NOT Recommended


    • If you are going to port forward FTP traffic to an internal FTP server, you might need to download Fred Viles's FTP server patch The reason for "might" is that some users have had success without the use of these pathches, while others need it. Explicit details on this topic can be found in Section 6.7 of this HOWTO.

  • X-Windows display forwarders:

  • PPTP (GRE) and SWAN (IPSEC) VPNs tunneling forwarders:

    • If you plan connecting an internal MASQed PC to a remote PPTP server, you MUST INSTALL the PPTP-Masquerade kernel patch available from the URLsbelow. If you plan on having external PPTP users connect to an internal masqueraded PPTP server, not only do you need the kernel patch installed but you also need PORTFW support enabled in the kernel. Please see the following URLs for the patches and more information:

      John Hardin's VPN Masquerade forwarders or the old patch for just PPTP Support.

  • Game specific patches:



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