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Thanks to the following supporters..

8.3. Thanks to the following supporters..

In Alphabetical order:

  • Gabriel Beitler, on providing section 3.3.8 (setting up Novell)

  • Juan Jose Ciarlante, for contributing his work on the IPMASQADM port forward tool, the 2.1.x and 2.2.x kernel code, and the original LooseUDP patch, etc.

  • Steven Clarke, for contributing his IPPORTFW IP port forwarder tool

  • Andrew Deryabin, for contributing his ICQ MASQ module

  • Ed Doolittle, for suggestions to -V option in theipfwadm command for improved security

  • Matthew Driver, for helping extensively on this HOWTO, and providing section 3.3.1 (setting up Windows 95)

  • Ken Eves, for the FAQ that provides invaluable information for this HOWTO

  • John Hardin, for his PPTP and IPSEC forwarding tools

  • Glenn Lamb, for the LooseUDP patch

  • Ed. Lott, for a long list of tested system and software

  • Nigel Metheringham, for contributing his version of the IP Packet Filtering and IP Masquerading HOWTO, which makes this HOWTO a better and in-depth technical document section 4.1, 4.2, and others

  • Keith Owens, for providing an excellent guide on ipfwadm section 4.2 on correction to ipfwadm -deny option which avoids a security hole, and clarified the status of ping over IP Masquerade

  • Michael Owings, for providing the section about CU-SeeMe and Linux IP-Masquerade Teeny How-To

  • Rob Pelkey, for providing section 3.3.6 and 3.3.7 (setting up MacTCP and Open Transport)

  • Harish Pillay, for providing section 4.5 (dial-on-demand using Diald)

  • Mark Purcell, for providing section 4.6 (IPautofw)

  • David Ranch, for maintaining the HOWTO, helping with the Linux IP Masquerade Resource Page, the TrinityOS document, ..., too many to list here :-)

  • Paul Russell, for all his work on IPTABLES, IPCHAINS, the IP Masquerade kernel patches in general, etc. The man is a IP NATing fool!

  • Ueli Rutishauser, rutish@ibm.neton providing section 3.3.9 (setting up OS/2 Warp)

  • Steve Grevemeyer, for taking over the IP Masq Applications page from Lee Nevo and updating it to a full DB backend.

  • Fred Viles, for his patches on proper port forarding of FTP.

  • John B. (Brent) Williams, on providing section 3.3.7 (setting up Open Transport)

  • Enrique Pessoa Xavier, enrique@labma.ufrj.bron the BOOTp setup suggestion

  • All the users on the IP-MASQ email list, for their help and support for all the new Linux MASQ users.

  • Other code and documentation developers of IP Masquerade for this great feature

  • Delian Delchev,

  • David DeSimone (FuzzyFox),

  • Jeanette Pauline Middelink,

  • Miquel van Smoorenburg,

  • Jos Vos,

  • And others who I may have failed to mention here (please let me know)

  • All users sending feedback and suggestions to the mailing list, especially those who reported errors in the document and the clients who are supported and not supported

  • We apologize if we have omitted any important names, not included information that some fellow users have sent us yet, etc. There were many suggestions and ideas sent but there wasn't enough time to verify and integrate these changes. David Ranch is constantly trying his best to incorporate all of the information sent to me into the HOWTO. I thank you for the effort, and I hope you understand our situation.



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